Time Keeps On Ticking: My Word of the Year


I’ve been thinking about a “word of the year” for the past several days. Nothing was really sticking. I toyed with the idea of appreciation – to focus on what I have in front of me, appreciate my life for what it is etc. But after a day or two, of rolling around in my… [Read More]

It’s a new year and I’m going with it.

just be

Having a birthday at the beginning of a new year is like a breath of fresh air. I’m ready for new. I’m been cleaning and purging, trying to get rid of all the junk that seems to accumulate with abandon in my house. I’ve also spent the last few days sporadically trying to plan for… [Read More]

This is 36 (and my word for the year!)


It’s kind of nice having your birthday at the beginning of the year.  New year, fresh start. For most of last year, if anyone asked my age, I said 36.  Oops. I guess I should consider it a bonus that I get to “live” the year over again. I have no idea how I forgot… [Read More]

My Word for 2013: Push!


2012 was my year without fear. I think I did okay at it. As always, I could have done better, but isn’t that just the way life goes? We can always do better. For 2013, I’ve chosen “Push” as my word for the year. I want to push myself in a variety of ways. Push… [Read More]