A letter to my son on his 5th birthday

Aidan April 1

My sweet boy, You are five. It sounds like such a big boy age.  In the fall, you’ll be starting kindergarten.  I don’t understand how time went by so quickly.  It seems like just yesterday you were learning to walk, talk and navigate this crazy thing called life. You are still such a joy. Your… [Read More]

Did you know a chair can be symbolic?

It’s starting. I know it seems so minor, but to me, it’s huge, epic even. Bug no longer wants to use his “youth” chair. The high chairs we use for our kids grow with them. Bug first sat in his at 6 months old and up until last week, he sat in it every day… [Read More]

Snapshot in Time

With the impending arrival of Baby Girl Lane in a few months, I’ve been doing my best to treasure the moments I have left with the Bug as an only child.  Tonight was one of those moments where I wanted to close my eyes and “CLICK” – a snapshot engraved upon my heart. The hubs… [Read More]