When sleep eludes you

Sleep has never been something that comes easy for me. I lay awake at night, listening to the sounds of my house for long after I’ve turned off the lights. It’s highly annoying. Some nights I luck out and fall asleep after a mere 10 minutes, but usually it’s 20 or even 30. My mind… [Read More]

Where’s My Gold Star: When Mama Is Sick

We all know that mamas don’t get sick days.  We pop pain killers or cold medicine and drudge through the day in a foggy haze.  There’s no rest for the weary. But what happens when both parents are sick? Saturday morning my husband and I both woke up and thought “uh oh.”  Nothing major, just… [Read More]

Mama deserves a gold star! {Link up!}

Do you remember back in elementary school when you’d get a gold star on the top of your paper or on a behavior chart when you did something great? It’s time to bring that back. Every single day we do something as parents that I think warrants a gold star. Take yesterday for example. My… [Read More]

Introducing my new link-up: Where’s My Gold Star?


Parenting can be amazing, awesome and full of delights. It can also be ridiculously frustrating. Those are the days when I really wish someone would come in my house and hand me a gold star…simply for completing the day. So I decided to create a weekly linky where we can all share those frustrations and… [Read More]