Here’s to Making Memories

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The other day, my two boys and I loaded up into our van and hit the road. My oldest could have missed a day of school, and I could have missed a day of work, but there was winter weather in the forecast. I was okay either way, but I was banking on school being… [Read More]

Craft For Kids: DIY Indoor Snowballs

How to make fluffy white DIY Indoor Snowballs. My kids would love these!

Is it just me or has this winter been a bit weird? Here in Colorado we’ve had a good bit of snow so far – big piles of it – and for some reason it’s still here. Usually it snows and then melts within a few days. Even with all the piles of snow everywhere… [Read More]

Indoor Activities for Kids – Get Up and Get Movin’!

5 Indoor Activities for Kids

We all want our kids to be healthy, and we’ve heard the basic, run-of-the-mill suggestions a million times. Get your kids active, provide healthy snacks, model healthy behavior etc., but let’s get real. How do you come up with good indoor activities for kids? Sometimes, when it’s 28 degrees outside, you’ve run a ton of… [Read More]

My creativity is zapped

We’re home again. No preschool due to ice, which is totally INSANE since I was in flip flops the day before yesterday. Stupid Mother Nature. Can’t winter just go already? (I’m currently writing my own winter lyrics to Let It Go in my head. The kids are whining and my head’s going to explode. Coffee… [Read More]