How the flu almost made me crazy

I have laundry to switch out but I’m avoiding it. I mean, it’s literally 10 feet away from me, but I’m pretending it’s not there. Call it laziness. Call it avoidance. Either way, I just don’t feel like it. Last Thursday, I picked up the boy child from school to find he had a 102… [Read More]

6 Stay Healthy Tips You NEED This School Year


Did you know that within the first eight days of kindergarten my son picked up his first bug and had to stay home? 8 days! Where I am, we’re on a year round calendar, so we had a little bit of a head start on the school year. Apparently, we also had a head start on… [Read More]

No Sick Days If You Stay At Home

Photo Credit: Stuart Miles

Last week Miss E. got the stomach bug and I came to a horrible conclusion…I can never get sick again.  Ever. I had this image in my mind of the whole family being down for the count and me still having to run the household.  Ugg. Chalk that up to one thing I totally took… [Read More]

When Your Babies Are Sick

Nothing makes me feel worse as a parent than feeling helpless. Miss E has had a cold for over two weeks now. I actually think it’s a second cold, but that’s besides the point. She is miserable. She is so incredibly snoozly and stuffed up with ickyness. I swear we’ve gone through an entire box… [Read More]