Time to consign with Upscale Resale

With little ones who are constantly growing, it can be hard to justify paying full price for a beautiful boutique dress.  That’s why I love consignment sales like Upscale Resale.  Upscale Resale has been around since 2007 and takes place twice a year in Cary.  Featured brands include: Chez Ami, Hanna Anderson, Janie & Jack,… [Read More]

What stores get the bulk of your money?

As I was browsing through the mall the other day, I got to thinking about brands, brand loyalty and where I spend my money. As a 35 year old married woman with children, many places I shop are pretty obvious – Harris Teeter, Food Lion, Target, Carter’s, Old Navy. They make sense as I have… [Read More]

Yup, I’m talking about underwear.

Jockey Boxers at Kohls

I love shopping. I have spent over $100 on a single pair of jeans. I have spent over $50 on eye cream. So why oh why, do I have a hard time spending money on UNDERWEAR…something I wear each and every single day of my life. Seriously. Bras and underwear are my shopping nemesis. I… [Read More]