6 things to help calm the chaos

silhouette of woman look and think with sunlight

There’s a weight pressing against my chest. It’s been there for awhile. It’s rough out there right now. I hesitate to even open up my computer because there’s just SO MUCH — opinions, arguments, facts, lies, half-truths. I can’t deal with it and I know a lot of you can’t either. And that’s just the… [Read More]

It’s time to take back ME!

Today starts a new phase of my life — a phase where I make ME a priority. I’ve been dejected lately and not happy – with my body, with my appearance, with the way I feel, parent, keep up my house etc. Things need to change. So today I’m taking ME back. How am I… [Read More]

Sometimes the mirror lies

Phenomenal. That’s what my body is. It walks, it runs, it dances like there’s no tomorrow. It has lifted heavy weights. It has traveled 26.2 miles in honor of blood cancers. It nourished and carried two amazing children within itself and then allowed me to heal from two cesareans. But my mind forgets these things…. [Read More]