We’re going places in the 2017 Toyota Sienna Limited

kids in booster seats

To quote my kids “This is the best car EVAH!!!” Last week, I had the opportunity to test drive the 2017 Toyota Sienna Limited. My entire life I have been self-proclaimed “anti-minivan”… well, except that three month period in 2012. Read: I think I want a minivan When we bought our Nissan Pathfinder two years ago, we… [Read More]

LeapPad 3 Kid’s Tablet Review

Back in March, I finally bit the bullet and decided we should get the kids a tablet. I had the opportunity to check out the LeapPad Ultra and my son was thrilled. Well over the last few months and several hours of quiet time, my daughter has become a tad jealous. I use Bubba’s Yeep… [Read More]

We finally jumped on the tablet bandwagon

Stop the presses. I bought a tablet. And Mr. A now has a LeapPad. The world must be ending…or something. As we were planning for our trip to Disney Land, I just couldn’t fathom the two 3-4 hour legs with nothing. I mean, I could read, but the kids? 6+ hours of coloring books just… [Read More]

Snapper Rock Swim Wear for Kids: A Review

Preschool ends next week, which for most families means that SUMMER is here. Time for playing outside and more importantly, the pool or beach. As you all know if you’ve read my last few posts, we spent last week in Florida. My kids were stoked to be able to spend some of that time in… [Read More]