Preschool Prep: 10 Ways in 10 Days


There are so many back to school posts out there, but most are geared towards the big kids. Now it’s time for the preschoolers to shine. With both my experience as a preschool mom and a preschool teacher, I’ve compiled a list of things to help your family get ready for preschool. If you start… [Read More]

The must have holiday gifts for preschoolers


My goal every year is to stay on top of the holiday budget while making the best of our holiday gatherings and gift exchanges.  This can be a challenge, but with a little research I have been able to find gifts that make everyone happy and fit within my budget.   The past few weeks I have… [Read More]

The day my kids gave each other haircuts

Check these bangs out!

My youngest two kids were in the front yard playing by their favorite tree. It’s a nice crab apple tree that’s easy for them to climb.  I asked if they would stay out front for a few minutes so I could take care of a large ant mound I found in the backyard. They agreed.  We… [Read More]

Prepping for preschool

Sassy Miss E

And moms around the world rejoiced! Preschool starts next week. It seems like it’s been 100 years since my little miss was in school. With Labor Day being late this year, it’s put a hurting on both of us. She’s done with me and I’m done with playing Camp Director. Don’t get me wrong. We… [Read More]

Fashion Friday: Preschool Edition


We start back to preschool next week and I’m just now thinking about new clothes. The Bug just got some new pants from Carters because he needs 4T and we didn’t own a single pair. I wasn’t going to buy Miss E. anything because we have plenty of 12 and 18M clothes, but then Target… [Read More]

Back to School with VlogMom

My little people are headed to preschool in less than two weeks.  I can’t believe it.  It feels like just yesterday I was trying to figure out what we were going to do all summer. This week’s VlogMom prompt comes to us from Jo-Lynne of Musings of a Housewife.  She wants to know “Are your… [Read More]

Prepping for preschool

Backpack, ready for school

Today is a big day.  It’s Meet the Teacher at Bug’s new preschool. I am totally excited as I think he needs a little outside activity that does not involve mommy.  Sure, he loves me to pieces, but a little social activity with 9 other kids is just up his alley (and mine.) I was… [Read More]