Why can’t I eat brownies for breakfast?

Kids With Cake

I am not a huge fan of saying “Because I said so.”  Sure, it’s squeaked passed my lips on occasion, but I don’t feel like it is a particularly great answer. Sometimes though, you have no choice. There are questions in which the answer is either too long and complicated to explain or you simply don’t… [Read More]

Parenting – we all need a little support #sisterhoodunite

I’m a mama – an epidural having, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, disposable diaper toting, stroller pushing, baby food making AND buying, working in the home, stay at home mama. I’ve also worked out of the home, attempted baby wearing and have vaccinated my children. I kiss, cuddle AND yell. I have done all of these things… [Read More]

The key to dealing with a picky eater

I bet that title got your attention. Well, unfortunately, this is not a post where I discovered the answer to an age-old parenting dilemna. If I had the answer, I’d be making a bazillion dollars pimping it on Dr. Oz, Ellen and the Today Show. Alas, I have no miracle cure for the picky eater…. [Read More]

Surviving winter weather with kids; how to avoid insanity

I’m excited to bring on some new writers to the site. Formal announcements and changes coming soon. But for now…meet Kristin. School is cancelled due to weather…again. This means EVERYTHING else on the calendar (with the exception of my hubby’s work) is either cancelled or postponed as well. None of the regular kid activities are… [Read More]

He’s still my little boy

I’ve been a little cranky with Mr. A lately. He’s having some “development” issues, ie. behavior problems. I think he’s having a growth spurt as he’s eating ALL. THE. TIME. I’m hoping that’s the cause of his blatent lack of caring when I ask him to do something. But that’s not the point of this post…. [Read More]

This is how my morning started

I didn’t know that we were going to have a moment this morning when I got out of bed. We ate our breakfast, you and your brother played a game or two on your LeapPads and the phones. We got dressed and brushed teeth. I was thrilled that when I asked you to get into… [Read More]

6 ways my children and cats are eerily similar

Last night I crawled into bed next to my husband, who was reading a book. He reached over and started scratching my head and arm. Not five seconds later, one of our cats, Schubert, was all up in my face, trying to get my husband to rub him instead of me. Seriously cat? It’s MY… [Read More]

The box can’t hold me in

  I am a woman, wife, mother, writer, marketer, friend, daughter, business woman, theater lover, and so much more. I like to drink a lot of coffee, read smutty books, laugh until my stomach hurts, dance, spend money, smooch my children and my husband, and put my toes in the sand. I don’t like to clean,… [Read More]

Why is it so hard to ignore our children?

“I don’t want to leave,” she yells from the back seat. “I want to go to ChickFila.” I calmly tell her that maybe we can get ChickFila on Friday, but not today. “I WANT IT TODAY!!” Her voice grows louder and louder, in turn causing my calmness to fly right out the window. “Well with… [Read More]

Everyone deserves to be King for a day

It’s good to be king. A few weeks ago I got this brilliant awesome potentially idiotic idea. I decided at the end of summer I was going to allow each child the chance to make the decisions for our household for the entire day. They would have the opportunity to pick our meals and activities… [Read More]

Chaos ensues

All the balls are in the air, whirling around my head at break neck speeds. I can’t catch my breath, let alone one single ball. That one single ball could be my relief. If I could just catch one ball, I might be able to relax, to let my shoulders and neck sink back into… [Read More]

S.T.O.P. spells stop

MOMMY!!!!!!! My name comes screeching from the back seat. Goodness child, I am driving. You cannot scream at me like that. I side-eye her from the rear view mirror. She’s glaring at me with those big pouty lips sticking out, in that way that is both positively infuriating and downright adorable. You no stop at… [Read More]

And then there were two…

I had my second baby – a freaking ADORABLE little man – just eight weeks ago and I feel GREAT.  And (shhh, don’t tell anyone I said this), this is EASY.  Yep, I said it.  Life with a newborn and a 22-month old girl (who is quite spirited, I might add) is EASY. After hearing… [Read More]

Make sure your kids hear you say “I’m sorry.”

  Parenting. It’s such a crazy journey. There’s no guide book, no how-to manual. It’s all flying by the seat of your pants and praying you’re doing something right. Sometimes we do things we aren’t proud of. That’s where I am. Sitting at the crux of feeling guilty and knowing everyone makes mistakes. See, I’ve become… [Read More]

Saying adios to the pacifier

I hate deciphering the weather. You look outside. It’s a bit cloudy and you think it’s going to be no big deal, then all of a sudden – BOOM, CRASH – there’s a torrential downpour, constant lightening and thunder so loud you know you won’t see the cats for days. Then other times, you stare… [Read More]

A little encouragement goes a long way

Yesterday we took the kids to Costco.  It’s an event that never ends well. No one wants to stay in the cart. There’s whining.  The samples don’t come fast enough or god forbid, they don’t like them.  The kids want to wander down every aisle.  I am pretty sure we’ve never left without tears. A… [Read More]

Did you know a chair can be symbolic?

It’s starting. I know it seems so minor, but to me, it’s huge, epic even. Bug no longer wants to use his “youth” chair. The high chairs we use for our kids grow with them. Bug first sat in his at 6 months old and up until last week, he sat in it every day… [Read More]

Sometimes time just stops

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately, but I think dark clouds are finally lifting. We’ve all been healthy (knock on wood) for almost two weeks now. The sun is shining, birds are chirping and flip flops are on. I get so caught up in the day to day drudgery – laundry, making… [Read More]

What baby wipes do you use? {giveaway}

We use a lot of baby wipes in this house, a LOT. I’ve tried several varieties but I always return to one brand, as they are infinitely better than all the rest in my opinion. But when I had the chance to try the new and improved Free & Clear wipes from Seventh Generation, I… [Read More]