To the Mom Who Used to Be a Dancer

Ballet Shoes on Wood Floor

If you’ve ever clicked on those links that say “You Were a Dance Kid If…” then this post is written for you, from the bottom of my heart. I’m pretty sure I’ve clicked on them all. Do you ever catch yourself with your hand on the handle of your grocery cart in the oh so… [Read More]

More poetry from my past…

On Sunday, I posted a poem I wrote in middle school or early high school.  I found a notebook with only a few poems in them.  Those poems are a precious glimpse into the person I used to be, the person I was during the more trying times in ones life – the teen years. Here… [Read More]

My past. My poetry.

Today I started to clean out the office as we are going to turn it into the Bug’s “Big Boy” room shortly after Christmas. I came across an old school notepad and when I opened it, it simply said “poems”.  I wrote a lot of poetry in middle school and early high school…teen angst at… [Read More]