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Begin Again: Perfect for a Girl’s Night Out

July 2, 2014
Begin Again Movie

A few weeks ago, I saw a preview of a movie while I was waiting to sob through The Fault in Our Stars. Adam Levine? Um, yes please. Keira Knightley? I love her. The writer-director from Once? I’m sold. Begin Again is about what happens when lost souls meet and make beautiful music together. Gretta (Keira Knightley) and her …

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Disney’s Maleficent: Angelina kills it

May 30, 2014
Maleficent Disney

It’s been two days since I’ve seen Maleficent and I’m still mulling it over in my mind. Should you see it? ABSOLUTELY. Angelina Jolie makes this movie and she alone is worth the price of admission. As for the rest of the movie, I’m just unsure. The storyline is a good one. As with most villains, there’s usually …

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Divergent Movie Review: My Thoughts

March 21, 2014
Divergent Movie Review

  I have some advice for all of you that read Divergent and loved it, adored it, and raved about it. LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS! If you lower your expectations, you will enjoy the movie. As for me, I left unsatisfied.  But I went in with high expectations. I wanted amazing. I wanted intensity. I wanted Hunger Games. What I …

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Finally! A great movie for the under 6 set {Disney Planes}

August 9, 2013

This has been a fantastic summer for kid movies.  My son and I have enjoyed both Monsters University and Turbo, but Disney’s Planes has been the movie we’ve been waiting for. (We’ll probably watch Despicable Me 2 when it comes to on-demand.) Originally planned for a straight to DVD release, Planes finally opens in theaters today.  If …

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Does Monsters University live up to the hype?

June 21, 2013
Monsters University - Mike W

Follow my blog with Bloglovin We’ve been hearing about this movie for months now. Disney dedicated an entire summer (#monstroussummer) to these characters and this weekend, Monsters University finally opens at theaters nationwide. Does it live up to the hype? In my humble opinion, I believe that yes, it absolutely does. Here’s the brief synopsis: Ever since college-bound Mike …

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The Croods: A Fun Family Film

March 22, 2013
The Croods

Last weekend I took my four year old son on a mommy/son date to see The Croods, the new Dreamworks animated film that opens in theaters today across the nation. The Croods is a 3D comedy adventure that follows the world’s first modern family as they embark on a journey of a lifetime when the cave …

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