I’ll always wonder, won’t I?


It’s weird how things sneak up on you. I was laying in bed with Miss E last night, talking about our cats. Schubert jumped up to cuddle with us and she asked me how old he was. I had to think a moment to remember that he’s 10…and then it hit me, like a brick… [Read More]

Helping a friend through a miscarriage

help a friend through a miscarriage

It seems almost surreal to me to think that my first miscarriage was ten years ago. That time period was filled with so much pain and emotional turmoil that it’s hard to believe an entire lifetime has passed since then. My journey to become a mom wasn’t as easy as I’d imagined it would be…. [Read More]

I am a marketing mama

My name is Erin Lane and I am a marketing mama. ***************************************************************************** I have always wanted to be a mother. Always. If you ask my family members, they’ll tell you stories of me as a little girl begging everyone to play with me. “I’ll be the mommy and you be the baby!” When I planned… [Read More]

Prayers for the Angel Children

This morning I read about the loss of someone’s dream. Miscarriage is such an ugly, technical term for something that is so life changing – it’s the loss of your family, of your baby. My heart broke into a million pieces for this woman as I thought back to a day 2 1/2 years ago when… [Read More]