10 Natural Ways to Relieve Migraines

Relieve headaches naturally

Having had migraines since I was a pre-teen, I have tried my fair share of drugs. You name a prescription and I’ve probably been on it at some point. Over-the-counter? I have Excedrin in every purse and in my car. But sometimes I don’t want to take medicine. Sometimes I prefer to try and see… [Read More]

Week in My Life: Wacky Wednesday

Weds weather

It all began with that shoe on the wall. A shoe on a wall…? Shouldn’t be there at all! – Wacky Wednesday by Theo Lesieg (aka Dr. Seuss) Whew! We made it half way through the week. I didn’t take many pictures at all probably due to taking OVER 100  on Tuesday. Hump Day started out pretty typical…. [Read More]