6 things to help calm the chaos

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There’s a weight pressing against my chest. It’s been there for awhile. It’s rough out there right now. I hesitate to even open up my computer because there’s just SO MUCH — opinions, arguments, facts, lies, half-truths. I can’t deal with it and I know a lot of you can’t either. And that’s just the… [Read More]

Life is a journey and I’m still learning

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As a woman in her late 30s, I am constantly amazed at how much I’m still growing, learning, changing. I know that learning is a life long process, but it’s easy to assume you know who you are…at least for me. This past week I was able to spend some time in my creative, work… [Read More]

I ran into an old friend – me


This weekend was a weekend unlike any weekend I’d had in awhile. I saw someone I hadn’t seen in quite a long time. Me. You see, this weekend I had a chance to connect with all facets of my life. I had business moments, family moments, marriage moments and friendship moments.  It was a miracle to… [Read More]

The box can’t hold me in

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  I am a woman, wife, mother, writer, marketer, friend, daughter, business woman, theater lover, and so much more. I like to drink a lot of coffee, read smutty books, laugh until my stomach hurts, dance, spend money, smooch my children and my husband, and put my toes in the sand. I don’t like to clean,… [Read More]

Ch Ch Ch Changes…What the heck is going on?

Something is happening. Things are different. My body is different. Of course, much of that is the fact that I had two children in the last five years. Everything is a tad off. Pants don’t fit the way they used to. Shirts cling in areas they didn’t used to cling. Embarrassingly enough, even my underwear… [Read More]

Day 2 – Something I Love About Myself

Something I love about myself. I’ll admit it.  This one was hard for me.I feel awkward putting it out in public that I love something about me.  At the very forefront, I feel a little self-absorbed.  However, considering this is an “assignment” and we live in a world where people are much more down on… [Read More]

Accepting Who You Are

My dear friend, Erin, over at Cultivating Rosebuds is in the midst of a dilemma. It seems her 3 year old daughter has recently discovered that she doesn’t have blue eyes like her mommy, but rather brown eyes like her daddy. This is not making little Miss H happy and it has continued on for… [Read More]