Fashion Friday: My Love of LOFT jeans

As I get older and my body (ahem) changes, I struggle with buying jeans. ┬áIn fact, last spring, I had to purge my closet because my favorite LUCKY jeans were just a little snug in areas that they didn’t used to be. Having children will do that to a girl. Brands that used to be… [Read More]

Vlogmom Thursday: $2000 all for me!

I’m jumping back into VlogMom this week with an awesome prompt from Jessica at Found the Marbles. You have $2,000 to spend on yourself. Where do you go and what do you buy? My first instinct was all clothes, clothes, clothes. But then I thought a little longer about it and came up with my… [Read More]

Summer Fashion: Fun in the Sun!

One of the things I am most excited about as my first summer as a stay at home mama is spending more time outside. And by outside, I not only mean in the yard or at a park, I mean the beach and the pool. It’s not like when you were a teen and you… [Read More]