Yes, my kid still uses a booster seat

boy in booster seat

I remember when Mr. A was born I read an article that talked about kids being in car seats until they were 10. I scoffed! Literally. Out loud. Of course, what the heck did I know…I was a first-time parents who was hyper-focused on my itty-bitty newborn. Ten seemed so far away. Ten seemed so… [Read More]

Where do you store your medicine? Safety tips for parents

Up and Away

I just spent the past five days in Vegas. Right now there are suitcases, tote bags and clothing strewn across my room (much to my husband’s dismay). Miss E has been super helpful and unzipping every pocket and exploring every nook and cranny. “What’s this Mommy?” she says intrigued. Um, yeah, it was a tampon…. [Read More]

Recalls Plus – a review

Having worked in the juvenile product industry for over six years, I was lucky. I always had recall information at the tip of my fingertips. All the industry publications and websites would publish recalls immediately upon hearing info from the CPSC. But what do people outside the industry do? Wait to see it pop up… [Read More]