12 Water Games for the pool and backyard


We are now officially in the sun drenched, heated heart of summer. If your kids are anything like mine, that means playing in, around, and with water every chance they get. The problem is those days at the pool or afternoons in the yard with the sprinkler can get a little old. Everyone needs a… [Read More]

15 Summer Crafts for Young Kids

Summer crafts for kids

It’s official. Summer is coming. Next week the kids are out of school and I’m going to need ideas to keep them busy during these long summer days. Sure, we’ve got camps, pool dates and even a few trips planned, but we still have a lot of time we’re going to have to fill. That’s where crafts… [Read More]

25 Road Trip Activities to Keep Young Kids Busy

Road Trip Activities for your kids

We all know traveling can be stressful, but road tripping with young children can make it even worse if you’re not prepared. As you’re looking to take a long trip with your kids this summer, consider a few activities (other than the much appreciated portable DVD player) to keep them busy. I’ve rounded up 25 of the best… [Read More]

A day trip gone wrong; our trip to the maple sugar house

Drop by Drop this bucket collects maple sap.

I like a little pancake with my maple syrup, how about you?  It’s delicious and one of my favorite sugars.  New England living has me spoiled by the local sugar houses delivering their syrup to our grocery stores.  I willingly spend the extra few dollars to buy their maple syrup because it tastes fantastic and supports the local producers…. [Read More]

Surviving winter weather with kids; how to avoid insanity

School is cancelled due to weather…again. This means EVERYTHING else on the calendar (with the exception of my hubby’s work) is either cancelled or postponed as well. None of the regular kid activities are happening today: no open play at the local kid gym, no play time at our community center, no library classes, and… [Read More]

Summer activities for the kids in Raleigh, NC

Summer activities to do in raleigh, NC with the kids

Whoa! It’s almost half way through June already. Where is the year going? We are in the throes of summer and I’ve got to find some fun things to do with these kids besides a few weeks of camp and lots of neighborhood playground time. I know I’m not alone in looking for fun things… [Read More]