Easy Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Recipe

Ice Cream Ingredients

We are HUGE ice cream lovers in our house. I mean, HUGE! So when Eagle Brand sent me some coupons for their condensed milk and asked me to try out some frozen treat recipes, I eagerly said okay. We decided to tackle a Cookies & Cream ice cream recipe, and it was SO easy. All you… [Read More]

It might be time for an #icecreamrun

Someone asked me once if I could give up sugar.  I’ve thought about it long and hard, but there’s one thing that stands in the way (well besides coffee – I take mine with a side of flavored creamer) – ICE CREAM. I just love it – all of it. My favorite is Mint Chocolate… [Read More]

My City Monday: Homeland Creamery

Ok, so technically Homeland Creamery isn’t in Raleigh. However, it’s only an hour or so drive and totally worth the morning extravaganza, so I decided to write about it anyway. Homeland Creamery is a family-owned and operated creamery with around 400 Holstein cows  in Julian, NC. They sell milk, ice cream and butter – all… [Read More]