“But how can you love me?”

My sweet firstborn child… You about broke my heart last night. We had a disagreement. I made a suggestion for bedtime that you found particulary offensive. You were rude. I got mad. There were tears. There was yelling. And then you went to bed. When I came in to go through our regular routine (talk… [Read More]

In Memory of Granny

When I was a teen, I wrote a lot of poetry.  It was really really “angsty” and when I read it now, it sort of pains me. But the bottom line is, when I’m sad I write. And today, I am sad.  We will miss you Granny. ************************************************   Fly Spirit Bird Fly away Spirit… [Read More]

My Friend Lives On

I had a friend in middle school.  I called her “Knobs” (we always complained about how flat chested we were) and she called me “Brat”. I loved her fiercely.  She was a year younger than me and very popular.  I wasn’t unpopular, but I wouldn’t have put myself in with the “it” crowd. But she… [Read More]