OMG, I joined a boot camp

Legs Like Jello

Jello. My legs currently feel like Jello. Yesterday, I squatted them into obliteration. Then this morning we ran, kicked, squatted, jumped and ran some more. Thank the heavenly father for the grocery cart. If not for that, I would have had to to crawl out of the grocery store after making a quick stop for… [Read More]

No Sugar Added Banana Oat Muffins – Recipe

No Sugar Added Banana Oat Muffins

So I’m back on my “no added” sugar kick with the goal of sleeping better and hopefully losing some of this stomach pudge that doesn’t seem to want to go anywhere. I’ve been on the hunt for snacks and substitutes for some of the things I love most. One of those is baked goods. They… [Read More]

Making time for exercise after kids

In the past I have struggled finding ways to lose weight. I have tried a variety of different diets and work out regiments. Some worked well (if I was disciplined enough to stick with it) while others just left me “hangry” and feeling like I wasted my time. I felt sluggish and desperate to get back into a… [Read More]