It’s no joke, parenting is hard


Let me first just put this on the table…kids are amazing. Being a parent is fulfilling and wonderful and I’ve never known a love quite like it. But it’s also hard. Really, really hard. All of it. Newborns, babies, preschoolers, tweens, teens…heck, even being a parent to an ADULT can be hard (ask my mom!)…. [Read More]

How much TV is appropriate?


When I was pregnant with the Bug, I swore he wasn’t going to watch ANY TV until he was older and even then, it would be extremely limited…like one show a day. I didn’t (and don’t) want to be the mom who had the kids zoning out to the TV when they should be outside… [Read More]

Mom Guilt of the Feline Variety

black cat

I’ve had a cat pretty much my entire life…. Scar was my dad’s cat and totally awesome. ┬áHe lived to be 17 and died a pretty tragic death.┬áThen we had Stadler, who ran away when we moved to Raleigh. Then Vinnie and Shadow. After having two miscarriages, my hubby asked if I wanted to get… [Read More]