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Headbands for Hope

March 21, 2013
Headbands for Hope

I’m thrilled to have NC State Senior, Jessica Ekstrom, visiting the blog today. She founded the company, Headbands for Hope, and I asked her to share a little bit about her organization with all of you. *********************************************************** Almost everyone can think of a moment where they knew their life was about to change. For me, my moment …

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Things are changing; the kids are growing up (a guest post)

February 13, 2013

Those early years of homework with my boys were brutal. Sight words. Phonetic readers. Math facts. Homework time seemed to lag on endlessly every night. Then I had my own homework. Agendas that needed to be read and responded to. Piles of handouts that needed to be signed. Permission slips. Each boy would reiterate that all items would …

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California Teachers Union Putting Our Kids at Risk

August 19, 2012

My friend Christine is speaking up about a bill that is on the ballot in California this November.  She is extremely passionate on the subject, so I agreed to publish her op-ed piece.  I know I have readers in California as well as other states that have dealt/are dealing with this. I welcome your thoughts. *********************************************************************************** As a …

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Dropping Out of the Competition

August 6, 2012

Today I am thrilled to have Kate from The Guavalicious Life as a guest. Please welcome her and show her the love! Last night when I was at the World’s Most Earnest Bookclub, another mom started telling me all about the different activities she does with her kids and how she is sorry to be …

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C-Section Sharing at Scars for Love

May 14, 2011

Did you know that in the US one third of  more women will have a c-section?A friend of mine recently started a site, Scars for Love, designed to help women share their c-section stories – the good, the bad and the ugly.  It’s gotten off to a tremendous start and I am privileged to have my story …

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Guest Post: Preparing Your Child For Siblings

April 5, 2011

When you have your first child most of your time is spent getting ready for the baby, preparing the nursery, making sure you have everything on your checklist and reading every parenting book you can get your hands on. When you have subsequent children you may still do those things, …

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