Preschool Prep: 10 Ways in 10 Days


There are so many back to school posts out there, but most are geared towards the big kids. Now it’s time for the preschoolers to shine. With both my experience as a preschool mom and a preschool teacher, I’ve compiled a list of things to help your family get ready for preschool. If you start… [Read More]

There goes a piece of my heart

First day of kindergarten

I thought I’d be fine. We’ve been talking about kindergarten and planning all summer long. We had your book bag and lunch box all picked out and ready to go. I wasn’t even home when you went to bed last night. But when I got home, I crept in your room and watched you sleep. I… [Read More]

I’m the Mom With the Crying Kindergartener

-...Have a nice day- I just left my son

I ran and hid.  I was doing absolutely no good by staying with him during this meltdown. It pained so many of my maternal instincts, but I knew I wasn’t helping. He was terrified to go to his classroom. I was confident he needed to. The standoff had gone on for seven minutes now and I… [Read More]

Transitions: New City; New School


I read somewhere the other day that 12% of Americans move each year. Last month, we fell into that statistic as we moved 800 miles south from CT to NC. We are almost settled in our new house and are starting to meet our neighbors and catch up with our friends we left behind five… [Read More]

First Grade Jitters

First Day First Grade

And he’s off… I was worried he’d have a bit of nerves but it seems it was all me. I had to walk him in since we missed “Meet the Teacher” last week and he was ahead of me the whole time. Once I helped him find his cubby, he didn’t look back. I had… [Read More]

Tomorrow it all changes

starting preschool

I can’t believe kindergarten starts tomorrow. It seems like just yesterday we were starting preschool. It seems like just yesterday that he looked like this.   I find myself nervous. I don’t exactly know why. I know in my heart of hearts that he’ll be fine. He’s excited and ready to learn, that’s for sure!… [Read More]

My Baby Started Preschool

Brother helps her with her backpack; trying to catch up to the other kids.

I just left my baby at school. I took her picture, kissed her and walked out the door. As I got out to the parking lot, I felt lost, like I’d left something behind. Then the waterworks started. I was so caught off-guard. I’ve left her with babysitters a hundred times with no problem. There… [Read More]