An (Almost) Sugar Free Easter Basket


I promise, I’m really not the lamest mom ever. But I do have a sort of personal vendetta against sugar. To give you a little background, some bizarre autoimmune conditions run in my family, so when my body completely freaked out after my second child, I started seeing a naturopath who helped me quickly see how… [Read More]

Beautiful Marble Painted Easter Craft

Marble Painted Easter Craft

Your whole family is going to love this gorgeous Easter craft. My favorite Easter tradition has always been dyeing Easter eggs. I’ve always loved the magic of dipping white eggs into little pools of color, peeking every now and then to see if the shade was to my liking, and then finally pulling out an… [Read More]

Quick and easy Easter gift: no craftyness required

I know, I know!  St. Patrick’s Day isn’t even here yet and I’m talking about Easter.  But it is the next major holiday (April 20) and the stores are already stocked with all sorts of decor and goodies. How do you celebrate?  A big church celebration?  Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt? Family dinner? Regardless, I’m sure… [Read More]