How I’m dealing with the attitude problem in my house

Behavior Chart for Kids With Attitude

Over the last few days, I’ve officially cried “uncle”. The level of disrespect in my household has reached Defcon 2. I’m ready to deploy. My kids are good kids. They really are. But, like all kids, sometimes they need a reminder of who’s in charge and who makes the rules. That would be us…the parents…. [Read More]

Why is it so hard to ignore our children?

Why is it so hard to ignore our children when they are misbehaving?

“I don’t want to leave,” she yells from the back seat. “I want to go to ChickFila.” I calmly tell her that maybe we can get ChickFila on Friday, but not today. “I WANT IT TODAY!!” Her voice grows louder and louder, in turn causing my calmness to fly right out the window. “Well with… [Read More]

It’s time to lay down the law


My daughter is just shy of two years old. She is adorable, hilarious, musical and downright beautiful. She is also trying to navigate the world around her, assert her independence and test her limits. It makes for a fun time. My son (in hindsight) was a fairly easy toddler.  He had tantrums, sure, and we had… [Read More]

How do you ensure you raise a “good” kid

raising a good kid

This morning one of our local radio shows was talking about two Johnson County teens that were charged with cyber-bullying.  There was a lot of talk and arguing between the hosts and a few callers about who is ultimately responsible for the kids’ actions. Bottom line from the radio hosts was that parents should know… [Read More]