The key to a quick and easy dinner? Planning ahead

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It is 5:30 pm and my kids just finished up swim practice. They have been playing hard all afternoon and are now extremely hungry and ready for dinner. But have I planned anything? The second we return home, they ravage the pantry, angry that I stop them from eating a snack so close to dinner time. I quickly say, “Hey guys,… [Read More]

3 Delicious and Easy Summer Salad Recipes

easy summer salads

Summer is finally here!!  The warm sun shines down making the harsh New England winter seem worlds away.  I absolutely love the summer.  It means warm and carefree days.  It means listening to the squeals and laughter from the kids playing as I soak up my daily dose of vitamin D.  And of course, summer means my garden is… [Read More]

Here’s to Hoping Dinnertime Gets Easier

Dinner time at our house is hectic to say the least. I pick the Bug up from school around 5:30. We’re home by 6 and inevitably, I have to make dinner.  (You would think I would learn to prepare in advance, but no.) A typical evening ends up with me frustrated, the bug crying and… [Read More]