Beautiful Marble Painted Easter Craft

Marble Painted Easter Craft

Your whole family is going to love this gorgeous Easter craft. My favorite Easter tradition has always been dyeing Easter eggs. I’ve always loved the magic of dipping white eggs into little pools of color, peeking every now and then to see if the shade was to my liking, and then finally pulling out an… [Read More]

Cinnamon Applesauce Valentine’s Day Hearts


There is just something about Valentine’s Day themed crafts that I love. Each year since she started school my oldest daughter, Madeline, and I have made her valentines to hand out in class as well as valentines to send to friends and family members. Even before her school years we often made Valentine’s Day crafts… [Read More]

St Patty’s Day Fun {best of the blogs}


Hi, I’m Erin.  I’m a non-crafter, non-baker of things  awesome and general lousy at anything that would make a good Pinterest post person. But I love holidays, especially holidays with kids.  It makes every holiday that much more awesome. With St. Patty’s day just two weeks away, I’ve been on a hunt for some fun things… [Read More]