The importance of time without the kids

Kinston, NC

Do you see this man? We’ve been together for over 19 years. We were on the cusp of adulthood when we met and here we are, old married folks with two kids. As our thirteenth wedding annivesary quickly approached, I knew I wanted us to get away to celebrate. We were planning to have a… [Read More]

What makes a marriage work?

Haven’t you ever wondered the answer to that question? I remember when I was engaged I would often ponder little tricks and tips that would hopefully make my soon-to-be nuptials last a lifetime. I knew it was right for me; I knew I would put in the work, but I still wanted to find some… [Read More]

How long do spices keep?

It’s a GREAT question right? For us non-chefs out there, life in the kitchen can be tricky to navigate. For example I’ve never worried about Garlic Salt, Sea Salt or Cinnamon as those are two spices that we run through and buy more of fairly regularly. But the others? Rosemary? Basil? How long can you… [Read More]

7 Years and No Itch for Me

Lane Wedding

Seven years ago, I married my best friend.  We stood before God and our family and friends in a beautiful church here in Raleigh and then partied the night away.  It was sheer perfection. Our celebration started yesterday as we dropped the kids off at my mom’s.  She and my sister graciously offered to take… [Read More]