My kids gave me a reminder today

all about perspective and looking up

I’m driving a Toyota Sienna this week and the kids are in awe of the double sunroofs. We had them in our old Acura but not in our current Nissan. Apparently, they miss it. Who knew?

I’ve been sort of cranky these past few days. I’m not sure if it’s the let down after all the wedding commotion last week (my sister got married!) and having all the family here, but I’m just sort of blah. I’ve been trudging through the days with nothing getting me super excited. When the kids ask what the best part of my day was, I’ve been struggling to come up with anything (it’s almost always, when you hugged me good morning or good night). I’ve been missing out and I needed to snap out of it.

On the way to school this morning, my kids BEGGED to have the sunroof open so I had to oblige. As we were passing the airport (as we do every day), a plane went over us and all four kids in the car looked up at the same time. A slew of WOWs, SO COOLs and other audible gasps were heard. They were over the moon with how neat it was to see (and hear!) a plane that close.

I was in awe of how long they talked about it. I mean, they’d had planes go over them before, but I guess having the sunroof open gave them a whole new perspective. And it was just what I needed…a new perspective.

Sometimes life gets on auto-pilot, with nothing new or exciting happening. Sometimes we get caught up in how mundane it can all seem. But that’s just because we aren’t looking hard enough.

There are amazing, delightful things happening all around us. We just have to open our eyes and look up!

My thoughts on the movie, GIFTED

gifted movie

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Burn Boot Camp Update: One Month In


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To my daughter, on her sixth birthday


My darling Emmy Lou, Every night before I go to bed, I lean down and kiss your cheek. Every. Single. Night. Did you know that? I listen to you breathe and I take in all the changes that have happened over the course of the day, the week, the year. Now you are six. You waited… [Read More]

5 reasons I’ll never give up coffee

Cup of coffee

I started drinking coffee in high school. There was a Caribou Coffee that was the perfect hangout for me and my girlfriends. We’d get a frozen coffee or a fancy latte and relished in our newfound independence. When I started working full-time, my love of coffee was truly solidified. My day didn’t truly start until… [Read More]

An (Almost) Sugar Free Easter Basket


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I’ll always wonder, won’t I?


It’s weird how things sneak up on you. I was laying in bed with Miss E last night, talking about our cats. Schubert jumped up to cuddle with us and she asked me how old he was. I had to think a moment to remember that he’s 10…and then it hit me, like a brick… [Read More]

OMG, I joined a boot camp

Legs Like Jello

Jello. My legs currently feel like Jello. Yesterday, I squatted them into obliteration. Then this morning we ran, kicked, squatted, jumped and ran some more. Thank the heavenly father for the grocery cart. If not for that, I would have had to to crawl out of the grocery store after making a quick stop for… [Read More]