The Durham Hotel: Worth a Night Away

Counter Culture Coffee

A few weeks ago, in the midst of the holiday chaos, I needed a night away. I needed a night away quite desperately.

Between holiday shopping, work and making it through the Thanksgiving week, I needed something just for me. And I got it in the form of a girl’s night in Durham. Lucky for me, my friend Melissa (who owns the site, Blog Clarity) just celebrated her 40th birthday, so we had the perfect excuse for a night on the town.

So with a little planning and preparation, we packed our bags for an evening at the Durham Hotel in downtown Durham.


We arrived to a lovely double room, with plenty of space for the four of us. The comforters on the beds were handmade by Raleigh Denim, a nice, local touch. We had lots of room for all our luggage and the goodies we’d brought with us. (Cupcakes, champagne and macarons, oh my!)



Girl's Weekend Goodies

After we got settled, we headed down to the lobby bar to enjoy some lovely drinks and appetizers. I ordered a delicious mojito and we, of course, had to order a Cheese Board. We were treated to a complimentary Relish Tray, which admittedly, I wasn’t too excited about, but y’all, it was so incredibly tasty. Pickled local vegetables and smoked pecans are actually quite enjoyable. Who knew?

Then we took a little tour of downtown Durham, ending up back at the hotel a few hours later. We busted out the champagne and hit the sack. (Okay, no we didn’t. We talked for quite awhile; what did you expect?)

Cheers - champagne toast

In the morning, we were able to start the day with some much needed coffee (and tea for our one non-coffee drinker!), before checking out and heading to brunch. The night before we’d been able to select which type of coffee grounds we wanted and when we wanted it to be delivered in the morning. 7 am? No way. We are four moms who had a chance to sleep in. Let’s go for 8am. Perfection!

Counter Culture Coffee

Local Touches

Besides the denim blankets, little flavors of North Carolina can be found all over the hotel. The mini bar was stocked with all sorts of snacks from across the state. At turn-down, little chocolates from Escazu Artisan Chocolates are left on your pillow. And every guest room features either hand salve or lip balm from Durham-based Burt’s Bees.

Burt's Bees Durham Hotel

If you are looking for a staycation of sorts or somewhere fun for an out-of-town guest to stay, I highly recommend the Durham Hotel. The rooftop bar looked amazing and I’ll be sure to check it out on a much warmer evening (it was far too cold to venture up on the night we were there.) The little boutique hotel has just about everything you need

Thank you, Durham Hotel, for a fantastic girl’s night!

Girl's Weekend at the Durham Hotel

The Durham Hotel comped our room in exchange for sharing our adventure on social media. All opinions are my own.

*Photos property of A Parenting Production and Fadra Nally.


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