zPizza Pop Up City Tour pizza sampling event

October 8, 2014
zpizza Logo

Ooooey, goooey, yummy cheesy pizza. If you feel the same way I do about pizza, you’re going to want to pay attention. zPizza is hosting a series of pizza sampling events to get YOUR feedback on potential new menu items. They hope these events will share the brand’s love for premium ingredients, while also providing the opportunity for fans to experience and share feedback on their favorite new pizza creations that are being considered as future menu offerings. My family had the chance to try some of these new menu [...]

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I ran into an old friend – me

October 5, 2014
sunset rays

This weekend was a weekend unlike any weekend I’d had in awhile. I saw someone I hadn’t seen in quite a long time. Me. You see, this weekend I had a chance to connect with all facets of my life. I had business moments, family moments, marriage moments and friendship moments.  It was a miracle to say the least and a much needed one. How often do we really get to be our whole selves? I’d missed her. At the beginning of the year, I embarked on this quest to take [...]

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This is how my morning started

October 2, 2014

I didn’t know that we were going to have a moment this morning when I got out of bed. We ate our breakfast, you and your brother played a game or two on your LeapPads and the phones. We got dressed and brushed teeth. I was thrilled that when I asked you to get into the car, the normal whining didn’t occur. Then you fell and scraped up your shin. Nothing major, no blood but you wanted a band-aid anyway. I was happy to oblige; that’s a battle I just [...]

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Sometimes it’s okay if your house just #smellsclean

September 30, 2014

Let’s be honest. Often times with two kids, two cats and part-time work, I just don’t have the time or energy to do a full fledged, top to bottom cleaning of the house. So I cheat a bit. I wipe down the tables. I put all the dishes away. I might empty a trash can or two. Then I light a candle. Yup. I said it. I light a candle. It’s not that my house ever smells bad (except for the room with the kitty litter; that one does indeed smell [...]

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6 ways my children and cats are eerily similar

September 30, 2014
my cats and my kids are the same

Last night I crawled into bed next to my husband, who was reading a book. He reached over and started scratching my head and arm. Not five seconds later, one of our cats, Schubert, was all up in my face, trying to get my husband to rub him instead of me. Seriously cat? It’s MY TURN. This got me thinking about how my cats and my kids are pretty much the same (well except for the whole human/animal thing and the fact that I birthed my children and just picked [...]

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The box can’t hold me in

September 24, 2014
You cannot put me in a box

  I am a woman, wife, mother, writer, marketer, friend, daughter, business woman, theater lover, and so much more. I like to drink a lot of coffee, read smutty books, laugh until my stomach hurts, dance, spend money, smooch my children and my husband, and put my toes in the sand. I don’t like to clean, cook, do yard work or run. Sometimes I get irritated because I can be super lazy. I have to force myself to do all the things that make my house function, otherwise I’d live in a cluttered [...]

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