Jet Lag and Inspiration…my thoughts on Mom 2


Apparently I have to adult today. I don’t want to. Instead, I want to crawl back under the covers and not come out again for a few days. I’m in denial that life is waiting for me outside my bedroom door.

The kids have to go to school. The laundry (eventually) has to get done. There are actual blog posts that need to be published. A new project (WHEE!) is starting and all the prep work must be done. Dinners need to be planned. The grocery store is taunting me.

But for now I’m going to ignore all that. Instead, I’m going to reflect on my week at Mom 2 in Laguna Niguel. I’m going to read through my notes to find the nuggets of wisdom that made my eyes light up. I’m going to go through all my photos and remember how happy it made me to spend time with my tribe, to put my feet in the Pacific, to dance my feet off (even if the DJ blatantly ignored my requests for Luda), to brainstorm, to laugh (and laugh and laugh) and yes, even to cry.
Beauties from Mom 2
It was a fabulous few days.

Read: Nice gets a bad rap.

I was reminded that as different as we may be as individuals, we are all human. We all need to be loved and cared for. We are all afraid of failure and rejection. And beautiful things happen when we face that fear and jump in with both feet to do whatever it is we feel called to do.

The ideas are overflowing, but now comes the hard part. Life. Adulting. Parenting.

May is a crazy, crazy month for me, as I would imagine it is for most people. It’s the end of the school year and there is so much to be done. Then comes summer, which I hope means a time for me to really move forward, to take big leaps and just work.

A new season is approaching and I’m eager to see what’s waiting for me just over the horizon.
Sun over the clouds

Looking for the Pause Button

Boys Looking out at yard together

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Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day With Your Kids


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Nice gets a bad rap

Marie Forleo Quote

I was scrolling through my inbox last week and a subject line caught my eye. It was a simple question but one that spoke volumes to me. Is Your Kindness Viewed As Weakness? I usually delete the emails from Marie Forleo (then why subscribe you ask? No idea) but instead I actually took the time to read… [Read More]

Small Business Spotlight: Arbonne

arbonne five minute face

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The day I ate a bug

Photo Credit: Morguefile

Yep. You read that correctly. My kids dared me to do it and I ate a BUG! It really wasn’t even that gross. Okay, it was a little gross.  Let me give you some background. We took a family outing to the Discovery Place in Uptown Charlotte.  My husband and I firmly believe that children learn best… [Read More]

A first for me in over seven years

So something amazing happened this weekend. I got to be home alone…in my house. I know this may not sound like a big deal to some of you. Don’t I work from home? Yes, I am alone in my house four days a week. But that’s not time for me. That’s time for work, cleaning,… [Read More]

Small Business Spotlight: KEEP Collective

Join Keep Collective

This week the spotlight is on me and the business I launched in January – KEEP Collective. When I signed up, it was COMPLETELY out of character for me. I’m not a sales person. You know those people that could talk to a wall and it would probably talk back? That is not me. Sales make… [Read More]

Let’s talk about coffee

I’ve been a coffee drinker since I was 16. Back then, I was drinking “froo-froo” drinks at Caribou with my besties. We’d drink lattes and frozen concoctions while sitting around being cool and relevant to the 90’s society. As I got older, I started drinking regular coffee, always with cream and sugar. For the most… [Read More]