Keep track of summer reading with these printables


Last summer, I challenged my rising second-grader to read 50 books. If he did it, I’d take him to Target and he could buy something special as a reward. I knew it might be tough, but he LOVES reading and I figured it would be a good way to distract him from the tablet or TV during quiet time.

I had him keep a little reading log, where he wrote the title and author and something about the book that he liked.

This summer, we’ll do the same thing, only I have these nifty little printables that I’ve put into a 3-ring binder for him. This way we can easily track his summer reading progress and it challenges him to think more about what he’s read.

We’ll attempt this with my rising first-grader as well, but will probably aim for 20 books instead.

To download the printables, click here.

Need book ideas? Check out these great books lists for elementary aged boys and girls!

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Best Chapter Books for Girls

Read it, Watch it: Summer Reading List

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Books for Tweens

Summer Reading (1)


Do you track summer reading? What do you use?

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