LeapPad 3 Kid’s Tablet Review

August 12, 2014
Leappad 2 by LeapFrog

Back in March, I finally bit the bullet and decided we should get the kids a tablet. I had the opportunity to check out the LeapPad Ultra and my son was thrilled. Well over the last few months and several hours of quiet time, my daughter has become a tad jealous. I use Bubba’s Yeep Pad PUH-WEEZ??? So when I got the chance to check out the new LeapPad 3, I was thrilled. Problem solved. See what my daughter thought when we opened the box: We downloaded a few games/apps [...]

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Why I love social media and Channing Tatum

August 10, 2014

Sometimes the Internet sucks. But sometimes? Sometimes it’s incredibly awesome. Case in point. My grandmother turns 90 in a few short weeks. My mom, sister and I have been planning all sorts of fun things for her birthday – fancy dinner, fun presents, videos and more. Today I said jokingly, “wouldn’t it be awesome if  we could get Channing Tatum to send her a card?” Yes, my 90 year old grandmother loves Channing Tatum. And the thing that’s awesome is that it’s not in a silly “school girl crush” kind [...]

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I’m stuck in a sandwich rut (BJ’s helps us go back to school)

August 7, 2014
Back to School with BJs #lunchmakeover

Y’all, kindergarten starts in two weeks. TWO WEEKS! In two weeks, life as I know it will forever change. I’m trying to prepare as much as I can, although I feel like a lot of it is going to be a learn as I go type situation. But one thing I can get a hold on is LUNCHES. Yes, I obviously feed my children lunch every day, but there is something about packing a lunch EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. that stresses me out. Part of it is because my children would eat [...]

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Chaos ensues

August 5, 2014
Chaos: A Parenting Production

All the balls are in the air, whirling around my head at break neck speeds. I can’t catch my breath, let alone one single ball. That one single ball could be my relief. If I could just catch one ball, I might be able to relax, to let my shoulders and neck sink back into themselves. So much chaos and I can’t control it. But that’s life right? Periods of calm followed by periods of insanity. It’s just where I am right now. At the beginning of July, I took [...]

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Want to learn all the tricks to mastering Pinterest? New Class!

August 4, 2014

I just started a new job where I manage a brand’s Pinterest account. It’s fun and I get to spend time everyday on the awesome, amazing time suck site that is Pinterest. But there is still SO MUCH to learn about it. So when my friend Melissa over at Blog Clarity announced her new class, Pinning Perfectly, I knew I had to sign up. Taught by Anna Luther from My Life and Kids, this course will transform you into a Pinterest power user! In this 2-week online course you’ll learn: [...]

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I am over the moon excited for Into the Woods {trailer!}

July 31, 2014

I wish… Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved theater. In her junior year of high school, she auditioned, as she did every year, for the high school musical. She assumed she’d be put into the chorus as she had the past two years. But low and behold, she was given a lead – the Witch. Her love of Into the Woods was born. Yes, that girl was me. I am beyond excited for the big screen debut of this movie. I hope and pray that it [...]

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