A bittersweet goodbye to the end of the school year


It’s here…the end of the school year. While the kids are stoked for a summer full of swimming, play time and no homework, I have a small twinge in the pit of my stomach.

We’re switching schools next year, thanks to a county reassignment plan. I know in my heart of hearts that the new school will be amazing and provide lots of opportunities, but I’m sad to leave where we are. Kindergarten and first grade were good experiences for Mr. A and he’s thrived in his current environment. He’s developed a love of learning and a love of reading, thanks to wonderful teachers and experiences. He’s also created some fabulous friendships. It hurts knowing he has to leave that behind.

We’ve talked about setting up play dates and how he’ll see some of his friends during sports and other extra-curricular activities. We’ve discussed making new friends and all the cool things that come with being part of a new school. It will be fine; it IS fine. I know that and he knows that. We’ve been to meetings and he knows some children who are also being moved. But it’s not the same. After meeting his new principal (who seems really nice), he looked at his dad and said “I’m gonna miss that guy,” referring to his old principal. Cue tears.

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But shutting the door on a chapter of our lives doesn’t just bring sadness. It means the start of something new, exciting and fresh. There’s a world of opportunity where we’re headed and he’ll be one of the first ones to experience it. He worked REALLY hard to make his mark (permanently!) on the wall at his current school. I just know he’ll make a big impression on the new one as well.

Making his mark

Thanks for the memories LES! We’ll miss you. Off on a new adventure we go!

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