Small Business Spotlight: Plexus

Plexus Results

*I am so excited about the launch of this series. It is my hope that by sharing some of the inside scoop on working for these businesses that some of you may find an opportunity that’s right for you. So many of us that stay home with our kids still want to make some extra… [Read More]

I ran into an old friend – me


This weekend was a weekend unlike any weekend I’d had in awhile. I saw someone I hadn’t seen in quite a long time. Me. You see, this weekend I had a chance to connect with all facets of my life. I had business moments, family moments, marriage moments and friendship moments.  It was a miracle to… [Read More]

My City Monday: Elevation Burger

How much do y’all know about grass-fed beef?  I have heard about it now and again, but to be honest, I just never had the time or energy to figure it out. Last week, Elevation Burger at Brier Creek invited me to come in and try their 100% USDA-Certified Organic, Grass-fed, Free-range beef burgers. Um,… [Read More]

My City Monday: Strickland Road Neighborhood Park

At two and four, my children love a good playground.  One we frequent quite often is the Strickland Road Neighborhood Park between Ray Road and Leesville on Strickland. What I love most about the playground is that there is plenty for both older children and younger children to do, but it’s never too crowded (at… [Read More]

Stay-at-home summer fashion!

I recently discovered that I only own two pairs of shorts. That is a big problem. Last year I was still working, so I didn’t really need shorts. I spent most days in business casual clothing and wore my shorts and capris on the weekends. This year it’s different. I’m at home with my kids…. [Read More]

Feature Friday: All Things Fadra

All Things Fadra

I’m excited to start my new Friday Feature. For the next several weeks, I’m going to feature some fabulous North Carolina bloggers that you may or may not be familiar with. Today, I’m starting with my friend Fadra who writes her personal blog, All Things Fadra and a social media blog called Social Dialect. She’s… [Read More]

NC Mom Bloggers Conference Recap

This past weekend, Hubby and I packed up the bug and headed down to Ocean Isle.  The first ever NC Mom Bloggers conference was being hosted by several fabulous NC mom bloggers and the Ocean Isle Inn and I had been asked to be a speaker. We had a really great time and it was beyond… [Read More]