Who loves rainbow sprinkles?

15 Rainbow Sprinkle Recipes for the sprinkle lover in your house

Miss. E loves some sprinkles. And now that she’s super into baking, I’m constantly looking for fun recipes that I think will pique her interest. Enter a massive Internet search. Well, there are a lot of really brilliant bakers who’ve come up with some super yummy recipes that feature…you guessed it…rainbow sprinkles. So gather up… [Read More]

National Donut Day is upon us: freebies and recipes

30 donut recipes

Tomorrow is the big day! My children have literally been asking me when National Donut Day is since last year. Mind you, we eat donuts throughout the year, but for some reason, this “holiday” resonates with them. So I’ll pick up our carpool clan and we’ll hit up Dunkin’ before school. Wondering where you can… [Read More]

The Ultimate Banana Bread Recipe

Chocolate and Peanut butter chip banana bread

I have the ultimate banana bread recipe. This recipe was passed down to me from my mom but I have tweaked it to make it my own. It’s the best use of brown bananas (besides freezing them for a smoothie) and the chocolate chips make it a perfect treat. This recipe makes 2 loaves. I… [Read More]

Delicious Valentine’s Day Cheesecake


  A few years ago my Aunt gave me these really cool spring form heart shaped pans for my birthday. Ever since, I have created a family tradition of baking heart-shaped cheesecakes on Valentine’s Day. Cheesecake certainly isn’t the easiest dessert to make, but it is not that difficult either.  This year, I had my littlest girl excited… [Read More]

Bonefish Grille’s Chocolate Creme Brulee

Creme brulee with dark chocolate on a white saucer on a blue background

When I think of Valentine’s Day, I usually think of chocolate. Lots of chocolate. We don’t make it a big deal in our house, but we do like to indulge in some treats here and there. So when Bonefish Grille gave me their delicious creme brulee recipe, I knew I had to share it.   Chocolate… [Read More]

Game Day Appetizer: Loaded French Fry Bake


The Big Game is just a week away and I know everyone here in North Carolina is planning their celebration. If I’m being honest, most years I just care about the food, the company and the commercials. But THIS year, I might actually watch the game. GO CAROLINA! As we all get amped up for… [Read More]

5 easy appetizers for your “Big Game” get together


The BIGGEST football game of the year is drawing near! It’s time to get together to cheer on your team or, let’s be honest,  watch the commercials and hang out with friends. Football viewing parties mean good snack food and not counting calories. (I need cheat days to satisfy those random cravings. It helps me stay on track most… [Read More]

Enjoy the Season: 4 Holiday Ideas from ALDI

Cookies in a Jar

It’s here! The turkeys have been put away and the Christmas ornaments and menorahs are coming out of the attic. Over the next few weeks, there will be shopping, parties, religious celebrations and many, many family gatherings. Every December I find myself looking for something a little new and different. Maybe it’s a new holiday… [Read More]