We’re going places in the 2017 Toyota Sienna Limited

Kids give thumbs up to the Toyota Sienna

To quote my kids “This is the best car EVAH!!!” Last week, I had the opportunity to test drive the 2017 Toyota Sienna Limited. My entire life I have been self-proclaimed “anti-minivan”… well, except that three month period in 2012. Read: I think I want a minivan When we bought our Nissan Pathfinder two years ago, we… [Read More]

5 reasons I’ll never give up coffee

Cup of coffee

I started drinking coffee in high school. There was a Caribou Coffee that was the perfect hangout for me and my girlfriends. We’d get a frozen coffee or a fancy latte and relished in our newfound independence. When I started working full-time, my love of coffee was truly solidified. My day didn’t truly start until… [Read More]

Let’s talk about coffee

I’ve been a coffee drinker since I was 16. Back then, I was drinking “froo-froo” drinks at Caribou with my besties. We’d drink lattes and frozen concoctions while sitting around being cool and relevant to the 90’s society. As I got older, I started drinking regular coffee, always with cream and sugar. For the most… [Read More]

Discovering ALDI: a grocery store for all


Grocery shopping. Sometimes I feel like I live at the grocery store. I go to several different ones a few times a week. Harris Teeter and Lowe’s are closest to my house, therefore the ones I frequent most. But Food Lion and Walmart are cheaper, so I go there too. Because let’s face it, convenience… [Read More]

It’s almost shaving season #NewVenusSwirl

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Spring is taunting us right now, but she’s well on her way. Warmer weather is pretty much a guarantee, which means shorts, skirts and dresses will soon be my fashion of choice. Of course this means I’m going to have to shave. Yes, I’m talking about shaving on the blog. Not my usual subject, but… [Read More]

Baking with Kids – a cookbook review

My children and I enjoy baking together, so when presented with the opportunity to review the cookbook Baking with Kids by Leah Brooks, I quickly accepted. One of my goals this year is to eat healthier. Cooking from scratch is a perfect way to do that. After looking through Baking with Kids, I was pleasantly surprised. Leah… [Read More]