Finding the Secret to Family Travel


I sat in our hotel room on the bed with my husband, ripped pizza box plates on our laps. Our two boys were over at the makeshift dinner table, Netflix playing, mindlessly putting down their take out. It had been a long day. We were in a new place. Everyone was exhausted. And it was… [Read More]

The years really are short.

Aidan on the farm

It’s true what they say. The years really are short. I came across a photo in my Timehop app yesterday that made me stop and pause. I clearly know that my son turns seven next month, but seeing this photo caused my throat to tighten just a bit. How is he almost seven? How is… [Read More]

The Golden Rule for Sick Days


Well, folks, it looks like we’ve entered the onslaught of cold season. I’ve even seen a few reports of the flu out there! My precious TimeHop tells me that every year about this time, someone (read EVERYone) in my family gets sick. It’s not always the same thing, doesn’t always happen the same way, but… [Read More]

Making time for me! #takebackme


Finding time for myself can be challenging.  I’m talking about the time where I can be alone in a quiet spot and have time to reflect and think. Running errands alone does not equate “me time”.  Taking a quick shower while my kids are distracted or asleep does not count either. I’m talking about sitting somewhere comfortable with nothing to distract me. Between packing, moving, unpacking… [Read More]

My baby swallowed a battery: a warning for parents

Lithium button cell battery isolated on white

*When Kristin wrote her story last May about her daughter falling down the stairs, we got a lot of response from parents thanking us for sharing that tough tale as a warning. Another friend reached out and asked if she could use this blog as an outlet to tell her story and I was happy to oblige…. [Read More]

No Sitter? No Problem.


Once upon a time, kind of long ago, we used to eat every dinner on the couch. This was before children, before evening events, and before there was a “bedtime routine” to follow. We talked to each other during dinner or just stuffed our faces while we watched our favorite shows. We even invested in… [Read More]

It could be the last year…

My new boss

Four years ago I quit my job as director of marketing communications for a small juvenile product company to stay home with my kids. Four years ago, I had a new “boss”. It’s been both amazing and frustrating being home with the kids. I can honestly say that I have never, not for one minute, regretted… [Read More]