5 Get Ready for Kindergarten Skills

GettingReady For Kindergarten (1)

I spent years teaching kindergarten before I was an at home mom and there were definitely things I wished all of my students could do. Now, as I’m sending my own little guy into “big school,” I’m trying to make sure he’s as ready as possible. Surprisingly, it’s not really letters, phonics, and counting that… [Read More]

If I Knew Then What I Know Now #Sisterhoodunite

Heading home

This post is part of a sponsorship with the Sisterhood of Motherhood campaign. Miss E is about to turn four. FOUR! My baby, my final child, has been around for 48 months. How is that even remotely possible? It’s been 1449 days since I brought her home from the hospital. It’s been 41 months since she… [Read More]

This is me right now

We are where we are. Sometimes we don’t like it. Sometimes we relish in it, jumping for joy at the pure awesomeness that is our life. Either way, we should do our best to enjoy the ride, the push and pull of existence. I told myself that this year I was going to embrace the… [Read More]

How to get your kids to help around the house


My husband recently had a brilliant idea. It was to create a board with jobs the kids could do to help around the house. I referred to it as a chore chart; however, my husband insisted on calling it a job board. At first, I didn’t quite get the difference. A job, a chore… it’s… [Read More]

SNOWED IN – reporting live from the trenches

snow day in nc

Today is Day 3 of Raleigh’s Snowmeggedon. We started off on a much better foot than yesterday. Yesterday we had lots of whining and screaming before it was even 9 a.m. Yesterday I understood why some animals eat their young. Today the kids are just enthralled with the 5 inches of snow we have. We are lucky… [Read More]

Am I Done Having Children?


“Enough! …Enough, Holden!” I said in a louder voice than I should have, with a tone sharper than it probably should have been. “You are enough…” my voice trailed off a bit and I looked down at him. His red puffy cheeks stained with tears of another tantrum and the snot of the never-ending winter… [Read More]

Why can’t I eat brownies for breakfast?

Kids With Cake

I am not a huge fan of saying “Because I said so.”  Sure, it’s squeaked passed my lips on occasion, but I don’t feel like it is a particularly great answer. Sometimes though, you have no choice. There are questions in which the answer is either too long and complicated to explain or you simply don’t… [Read More]

Making time for exercise after kids

In the past I have struggled finding ways to lose weight. I have tried a variety of different diets and work out regiments. Some worked well (if I was disciplined enough to stick with it) while others just left me “hangry” and feeling like I wasted my time. I felt sluggish and desperate to get back into a… [Read More]