6 Stay Healthy Tips You NEED This School Year


Did you know that within the first eight days of kindergarten my son picked up his first bug and had to stay home? 8 days! Where I am, we’re on a year round calendar, so we had a little bit of a head start on the school year. Apparently, we also had a head start on… [Read More]

First Grade Jitters

First Day First Grade

And he’s off… I was worried he’d have a bit of nerves but it seems it was all me. I had to walk him in since we missed “Meet the Teacher” last week and he was ahead of me the whole time. Once I helped him find his cubby, he didn’t look back. I had… [Read More]

Summer fun on the farm

Making friends with alpacas

We have two weeks left of summer. Two weeks. So we’re cramming in as much as we can before it’s time for back to school. Last week we piled in the car and drove eight hours to J’s aunt and uncles farm in Kentucky. It was an experience unlike anything else they’ve done. They hung… [Read More]

The crushing blow of “I Can’t”

Jumping and Climbing at the Playground

At the park my three kids run, climb, jump and play as most kids do.  I like watching them as they test their own limits and discover new capabilities. My oldest daughter has been practicing the monkey bars and can do them very well now. My son enjoys climbing & jumping off things, which make me nervous at times. He is… [Read More]

I Used to Be the Fun One


Something has been happening. One of those “comes with age” types of changes that I’m none too pleased with. I was standing in the kitchen washing the dishes after dinner while my 2 boys and my dear sweet husband rocked out to the nightly pre-bedtime dance party. It was a crazy display of headstands, jumping turns,… [Read More]

Absolutely ordinary but absolutely fabulous

Summer Photos- Lane Family

This last week has consisted of your normal summer activities with two young kids. We’ve played 100 games of Monopoly Junior and even more games of UNO. Sometimes we even play where we only deal out the “special” cards (as the kids call them) so we can skip and reverse to our hearts content. It’s… [Read More]

Daily obstacles of a SAHM


Being a stay-at-home mom is a wonderful thing. I love that I am able to be at home with my children. I love watching them grow and figure out things for themselves. But it’s definitely not as easy as I thought it would be. Most days are full of interruptions. There are days I can… [Read More]