I had a mommy meltdown

my almost five year old

I’m constantly amazed by this parenting gig and what these two (not so) small people can make me do. Well up with tears as they sing a song? Check. Cry laughing as they do something hilarious? Check. Scream in anger and frustration…like a juvenile? Oh yeah….check, check, check. I don’t know what happens right before… [Read More]

Here’s to Making Memories

FullSizeRender 4

The other day, my two boys and I loaded up into our van and hit the road. My oldest could have missed a day of school, and I could have missed a day of work, but there was winter weather in the forecast. I was okay either way, but I was banking on school being… [Read More]

5 things parents should keep in their medicine cabinet

medicine cabinet

As a new year approaches, I’m knee-deep in a post-holiday purge. As I put Christmas presents away, I’m also pulling out toys and clothes haven’t seen any love in quite awhile. Some we are selling and others are being donated. I know spring is typical for a mass cleaning but the fresh start of a… [Read More]

Does Santa Wrap Gifts? And Other Tricky Questions


Is there really a Santa Claus? In my heart of hearts, my answer is still yes. There is a spirit, an energy, an air of magic, kindness, and giving that ripples its way through the Christmas season. This is Santa Claus. As a child, the Santa Magic ran strong in my house. My parents always… [Read More]

A Birthday Letter to My 7 Year Old

baby a

You came in the bonus room for a second time, rubbing your eyes and complaining that you just couldn’t fall asleep. I walked you back to your room and crawled into bed with you. You scooted all the way over to make room for me. I snuggled up against your warm little body and felt… [Read More]

Easy Christmas Traditions You Still Have Time to Start

image1 (4)

I am ALL for traditions. Seriously. I’m one of “those” people. I love the memories, the rituals, the comfort that comes with doing something you’ve done so many times before. It can also bring a lot of pressure though! YOU are creating the traditions your children will remember FOREVER! Yikes. I struggle with making the… [Read More]

A life lesson in being grateful


Learning a lesson through a negative experience is not something that happens every day or even every month.  Those A-HA moments are actually few and far between for me, thankfully.  But today was one of those rare days that I was able to do just that while  I volunteered at the school book fair. One of the many children in… [Read More]

Finding the Secret to Family Travel


I sat in our hotel room on the bed with my husband, ripped pizza box plates on our laps. Our two boys were over at the makeshift dinner table, Netflix playing, mindlessly putting down their take out. It had been a long day. We were in a new place. Everyone was exhausted. And it was… [Read More]