Simple Snacks for Kids : Frozen, Fruity Favorites

Frozen fruit snacks including watermelon popsicle, frozen banana, froozen grapes.

My childhood was filled with the wonderfully artificial, off brand, plastic-sleeved ice pops, and I won’t deny my little ones of that sugary goodness from time to time. My health aware mom side kicks in regularly though, and I try to find something with a little less dye, and a little less added sugar. Did… [Read More]

40 things to do with the kids this summer

40 Activities to do with your kids this summer

Last week preschool ended. My kindergartner has two weeks left. I can’t avoid it any longer. Summer is here. We have a few weeks of camp arranged and two family trips. We’ll also hit up some of my favorite local summer spots. But even with all that we’ve planned, that leaves a multitude of free time…. [Read More]

Sometimes I Don’t Like My Children


Sometimes I don’t like my children. And I’m learning that it’s okay. I’m not sure if I’m writing this to get some affirmation, or to hand some out. Either way, I’m being honest. It’s not that I don’t love them. Of course I do. It’s not even that I don’t usually like them. It’s just sometimes…. [Read More]

Why We Chose Waldorf Education

Noah, 2.5 years old. The day before he became a big brother!

Noah was two and a half years old, and I was days away from delivering my second little tiny, Milly. I sat in my arm chair and watched the case worker from Early Intervention kneel down next to Noah, asking him to hand her the baby doll she had given him, mere moments before. Noah… [Read More]