Our Netflix Family Favorites

November 17, 2014
Our Netflix Family Favorites

We have been Netflix subscribers for almost a year and a half. It’s been awesome. Everyone in the family has something to watch. On Saturday mornings, my almost six year old is always the first one up. He’s allowed to go watch TV (any approved show he wants) until his three year old sister wakes up. …

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Go BOLD and be okay with discomfort {checking off a life list item}

November 10, 2014
Go Bold #CamryBold

I’m not much of a risk taker. I don’t particularly like not being in control. But a lot of life requires risk and stepping out of your comfort zone. I know this and have spent a good chunk of time learning to embrace the fear and jump anyway. So when Southeast Toyota asked to check something …

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Celebrate Mini Milestones with Netflix and a DIY Memory Box

October 15, 2014
Disney 2013

I know there’s all sorts of articles and posts out there telling us all the reasons that TV is bad for our kids. But you know what? Sometimes a show or movie is the only way I can get my kids to understand something. Sometimes they need to visualize it instead of hearing me talk …

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How long do spices keep?

October 14, 2014
Spice Rack - replace every three years

It’s a GREAT question right? For us non-chefs out there, life in the kitchen can be tricky to navigate. For example I’ve never worried about Garlic Salt, Sea Salt or Cinnamon as those are two spices that we run through and buy more of fairly regularly. But the others? Rosemary? Basil? How long can you keep …

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I ran into an old friend – me

October 5, 2014
sunset rays

This weekend was a weekend unlike any weekend I’d had in awhile. I saw¬†someone I hadn’t seen in quite a long time. Me. You see, this weekend I had a chance to connect with all facets of my life. I had business moments, family moments, marriage moments and friendship moments. ¬†It was a miracle to say the …

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6 ways my children and cats are eerily similar

September 30, 2014
my cats and my kids are the same

Last night I crawled into bed next to my husband, who was reading a book. He reached over and started scratching my head and arm. Not five seconds later, one of our cats, Schubert, was all up in my face, trying to get my husband to rub him instead of me. Seriously cat? It’s MY TURN. This …

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