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June 24, 2014
Big Empty Wall

In my house I have this wall. It’s a big wall. It’s an empty wall. We’ve lived here for just over eight years and the wall remains empty. We get ideas, we talk and then nothing. It remains a big empty wall. But now I have hope. I have discovered a new website called Wayfair. Not only have …

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Tips for better sleep? Yes please.

June 15, 2014
Trouble sleeping #insomniahelp

This is a Type-A Parent paid post to discuss sleep issues, and to share a new insomnia resource from the National Sleep Foundation. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had trouble falling asleep. My mind just doesn’t seem to know how to shut off. I lay awake going over my day or what’s going …

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25 signs I’m getting older despite my best efforts

June 11, 2014
Signs you are getting older

I know I’m not “old” – but sometimes my body and mind do their best to remind me that I’m 36 and not 20.  I’ve recently come across a few things that have slapped me upside the head with the reality of me getting older. So I got together with some friends in their 30s …

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My son has a shadow

June 9, 2014

I watched you on the dance floor. You stomped your feet. You pleaded with him. He just ignored you. All you wanted in the entire world was to dance with your brother. No one else would do. Not your seven year old cousin, who so graciously bowed at your feet and offered you his hand. Not the …

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Spill it. What’s in your junk drawer?

June 2, 2014
The Drawer of Death

Let’s talk junk drawers. Come on, you know you have at least one. For most, I think it lives in the kitchen. You might also have one in your office or bedroom. My husband calls ours the “drawer of death”. Sometimes we can’t even open it because of all the stuff that’s jammed into it. Tell me …

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Choose to get outside your bubble

May 12, 2014
Get outside your bubble and choose!

There are many, many things in the world that deserve our attention. Whether it’s war torn countries, children starving across the globe or in our own backyard, illnesses, #bringbackourgirls or a multitude of other serious things, there is always, ALWAYS  someone that needs our help. It’s overwhelming. I want to help. I want to make a difference, however …

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