Fall Fashion with J. Jill #purejill

At the beginning of the year, I was introduced to J. Jill, a store I’d passed by in the mall a million times but never gone inside. Their clothes looks comfortable yet stylish and I had been meaning to go back in now that the cooler weather is occasionally descending upon us. Make it 60… [Read More]

Fashion Friday: Bring on fall!

Shoes for fall

I opened up the door to our deck this morning and felt the cool breeze hit my skin. Ahhhh, yes, fall is coming. We had a fairly mild summer in the scheme of things, but I’m ready for fall. It’s my favorite season.  I love jeans, boots and sweaters. Muted colors, pumpkin everything and cool… [Read More]

Fashion Friday: I’m so fancy

I'm so fancy

I spent last weekend with some of the best dressed people on the planet. No seriously. I was in awe at the shoes, the tops and the dresses. Did I mention the shoes? Mom 2.0 was fancy y’all. In fact, it was so fancy that I found myself singing Iggy Azalea for most of the… [Read More]

I’m dreaming of spring (Fashion Friday)

Dresses for Spring

I’ve got the itch to go shopping. But I’m not going to.  Not only because I don’t really have the money, but because until I get this body of mine to a place that I’m happy, I’m not going to buy anything. That doesn’t mean I can’t window shop though right? All the spring styles… [Read More]

Fashion Friday: My Love of LOFT jeans

Pairing with LOFT Modern jeans

As I get older and my body (ahem) changes, I struggle with buying jeans.  In fact, last spring, I had to purge my closet because my favorite LUCKY jeans were just a little snug in areas that they didn’t used to be. Having children will do that to a girl. Brands that used to be… [Read More]

Fashion Friday: Pails & Posies Kid Fashion {giveaway}

Pails & Posies

I’m a sucker for little girl clothes, especially dresses. However, now that my little girl typically INSISTS on wearing a dress daily, I’m having to get creative with our wardrobe. That’s a LOT of dresses. While I’m a fan of several boutiques, the prices can be a challenge to the wallet and bank account. But… [Read More]

Fashion Friday: Upcoming Travel Edition

Daytime Conference Chic

Hallelujah!  Spring is finally here.  And with it comes a month full of travel. I head to Philly in a few weeks for a blog conference and then I’m off to Charlotte to work a baby show. And then…THEN…we are off to Disney for the Disney Social Media Moms Conference. With these trips comes my… [Read More]

Fashion Friday: Spring is closer than we think

Black and White

It’s barely 40 degrees outside here in North Carolina, but after two weeks of sickness, I am screaming “I AM READY FOR SPRING” from the roof tops. I’m ready for all of it – warm weather, sassy sandals, tank tops, and lots of color! While I think I’m pretty fashionable, I’m not always at the… [Read More]

A tale of brown leggings

brown leggings, fashion

This is the story of a pair of brown leggings. I had a deep, intense need for them. Yet, somehow they kept alluding me. I went to store after store but couldn’t find them anywhere. Tights, yes. But leggings? They were hiding from me, taunting me as I found outfit after outfit that I could… [Read More]

Fashion Friday: Family Photo Time


No, YOU were out shopping at 8:00 p.m. the night before family photos because you noticed your son had nothing nice to wear. Oh yes, it’s that time again – time for our family photo (think Christmas cards, gifts for grandparents, etc.)  We didn’t do one last year, which I totally regret.  I like having… [Read More]

Old Navy Fashion Haul

on shoes

For Fashion Friday, I decided to share some of the fabulous items I scored at Old Navy yesterday.  There are some adorable things in stock right now.  Plus, their baby sale is going on this week, so you definitely want to race over there if you have a little one.   And I really want… [Read More]

Fashion Friday: Preschool Edition

Circo outfit from Target from A Parenting Production

We start back to preschool next week and I’m just now thinking about new clothes. The Bug just got some new pants from Carters because he needs 4T and we didn’t own a single pair. I wasn’t going to buy Miss E. anything because we have plenty of 12 and 18M clothes, but then Target… [Read More]

What I Wore

Whole outfit including the diaper bag

This summer I have found myself wearing the same thing over and over again. T-shirt, shorts and flip flops.  Unless I’m going to the gym. Then it’s yoga pants, tank top, and sneakers. I’ve decided to link up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesdays to make sure I try a little harder…. [Read More]

Fashion Friday: Clothes Hound Boutique & BlogHer

Dress from Fabrik

BlogHer has come and gone. My inbox is still full and I’m totally overwhelmed with catch-up work. But today we aren’t talking about that. Today we are talking about the fabulous clothing that I got to wear. Thursday night was party night. I had three different places to be so I opted for this cute… [Read More]