Making time for me! #takebackme


Finding time for myself can be challenging.  I’m talking about the time where I can be alone in a quiet spot and have time to reflect and think. Running errands alone does not equate “me time”.  Taking a quick shower while my kids are distracted or asleep does not count either. I’m talking about sitting somewhere comfortable with nothing to distract me. Between packing, moving, unpacking… [Read More]

Prepping for preschool

Sassy Miss E

And moms around the world rejoiced! Preschool starts next week. It seems like it’s been 100 years since my little miss was in school. With Labor Day being late this year, it’s put a hurting on both of us. She’s done with me and I’m done with playing Camp Director. Don’t get me wrong. We… [Read More]

Transitions: New City; New School


I read somewhere the other day that 12% of Americans move each year. Last month, we fell into that statistic as we moved 800 miles south from CT to NC. We are almost settled in our new house and are starting to meet our neighbors and catch up with our friends we left behind five… [Read More]

Absolutely ordinary but absolutely fabulous

Summer Photos- Lane Family

This last week has consisted of your normal summer activities with two young kids. We’ve played 100 games of Monopoly Junior and even more games of UNO. Sometimes we even play where we only deal out the “special” cards (as the kids call them) so we can skip and reverse to our hearts content. It’s… [Read More]

Daily obstacles of a SAHM


Being a stay-at-home mom is a wonderful thing. I love that I am able to be at home with my children. I love watching them grow and figure out things for themselves. But it’s definitely not as easy as I thought it would be. Most days are full of interruptions. There are days I can… [Read More]

How to Have a Minions Birthday Bash

How to Have a

In my house, we say things like “Gato. Doo be. Tahk-a-doh.” as we eat our BANANAS! We speak a little Minion, know the benefits of jelly, and love those little yellow guys to pieces. With our level of Minion love, and the new Minions movie coming out July 10, picking a birthday theme for my… [Read More]

Growing a garden with your children

Home grown vegetables are the best

“Mom, where does the grocery store get all the fruit and vegetables?” asked my oldest daughter one afternoon. I explained how it comes from different farms that sell to the grocery store and then the grocery store sells it to us. “Huh.” she said, pondering it for a minute.  “Think we could grow vegetables and fruit… [Read More]

5 movies perfect for family movie night #streamteam

5 Movies to Stream for Family Movie Night #Streamteam

Summer may as well be here already. My kindergartner only has a week of school left and they’ll both be in camp the following week. We’ve made a list of activities we’re aiming to complete before summers end and one of the items is Family Movie Night. It’s one of my favorite things for us… [Read More]