What’s on your TV “shelfie”? #streamteam

Agents of SHIELD

Like most of you, I have a list of shows that sit on a virtual shelf. There are shows that came out years ago that I never got around to watching, shows that I started but never resumed once a season ended, and shows that I simply forgot about it. I’ve started Scandal, but am… [Read More]

Race to the Edge with new Netflix show #StreamTeam

Race to the Edge

My kids are known to get stuck on a television show. And by stuck, I mean obsessed. We went through a huge Phineas & Ferb phase…and then it was RescueBots and Power Rangers. With my daughter, we watched a lot of Daniel Tiger and Justin Time. Most recently, my son has protested against watching My Little Ponies, but… [Read More]

5 movies perfect for family movie night #streamteam

5 Movies to Stream for Family Movie Night #Streamteam

Summer may as well be here already. My kindergartner only has a week of school left and they’ll both be in camp the following week. We’ve made a list of activities we’re aiming to complete before summers end and one of the items is Family Movie Night. It’s one of my favorite things for us… [Read More]

What I’m Watching Next on Netflix

Jason and I are almost finished with Breaking Bad. We started watching at the end of January and have just four episodes left. It has been a crazy, hectic ride with Walt and Jesse and I am so thankful we finally took the plunge and started watching. I sincerely believe it’s some of the best… [Read More]

Disney’s Cinderella – a delight for all ages

Walt Disney Studios Cinderella

A few night’s ago I took my princess loving (almost) four year old to see Disney’s new live-action version of Cinderella. She has been on pins and needles ever since she saw the first trailer on her LeapPad a few weeks ago. Of course, she may have been most excited about Frozen Fever, the short that… [Read More]