Cast and Crew

You already know good ol’ me.

Meet my co-stars – a fabulous team of contributors that make this blog better.

Ashley Shaffer

A teacher turned blogger and work from home mom, Ashley is the owner of Today’s NC, a freelance writer, and mama of two crazy boys. After seven wonderful, but very rainy years living in Seattle, she happily moved back to North Carolina where she focuses on finding good food, good fun and living a happy, healthy life.

Bryna Rodenhizer

Bryna is a stay at home mom who recently moved to Riverside in Jacksonville, Florida after living in Japan for six years. From figuring out how to make a foreign country ‘home’ to figuring out how the heck her six year old son can get pee BEHIND the toilet, Bryna approaches life with humor and open-mindedness. A huge advocate for Waldorf education and an overall gentle approach to parenting, Bryna enjoys exploring the world with her children through eyes of wonder and excitement. She loves to write and writes about what she loves; family, traditions, food, wine, and how to find happy in everything.

Catherine Moss

Catherine is our resident crafter. She’s the proud mom of two young girls – the every-moving 7-year-old, Madeline, and the daredevil 2-year-old, Delaney. She loves to spend time in the kitchen cooking and baking, reading, running, and crafting with her girls. Catherine believes motherhood is a jungle and if she has any hopes of survival she has to keep evolving and always keep a steady supply of dark chocolate on hand. You can find Catherine at, where she shares the stories of her survival of motherhood.

Coleen Smith

Coleen is a full-time marketing/PR mama with two children. She comes from a huge family (7 kids!) and is a Raleigh native. Family comes first in her life, followed quickly by summer time and the beach. She’s currently working on that ever tricky topic of balance as she manages her full-time career and her growing family.

Kristin Neal

Kristin is a mom of three learning to embrace and enjoy change in Connecticut. She has a 5 year old daughter (who just started Kindergarten), a 4 year old son and a 2 year old daughter. She’s addicted to coffee and can drink a pot before 3pm and sleep fine at night. Exercise, being outdoors and staying active keep her focused. She also recently discovered that she likes cooking and is challenging herself to find healthy meals that her family of five will all eat. You can follow her on Twitter at @MotherFlamingo.


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