20 New Year’s Eve Kid-Friendly Drinks

When it comes to New Year’s Eve parties and celebrating with your kids, the last thing you want is for them to accidentally find their way into the cocktail section of the party. This is why it’s so important to find fun and festive drinks your kids will enjoy, alcohol-free! These are perfect for a New Year’s Eve party, or just a night in with your kids! Here are 20 unique New Year’s Eve kid-friendly drinks.

  1. Cotton Candy Drink
  2. DIY Kid’s Drink Bar
  3. Strawberry Hot Chocolate
  4. Italian Soda
  5. Mock Champagne
  6. Cherry Margarita Mocktail
  7. Citrus Punch
  8. Banana Slush Punch
  9. Easy Punch Recipe
  10. Mocktail Champagne Shots
  11. Pineapple Holiday Mocktail
  12. Cherry Mint Mocktail
  13. Quick Kiddie Cocktail
  14. Virgin Pina Colada
  15. Kid Friendly Shirley Temple
  16. Apple Pie Punch
  17. Citrus Champagne Mocktail
  18. Cranberry Limeade
  19. Non Alcoholic Cranberry Spritzer
  20. Sparkling Cider Mocktail

What are your favorite drinks for holiday celebrations?

New Years Eve Kid-Friendly Drinks

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