15 Halloween treats your kids can make

Miss. E currently loves helping in the kitchen. At six years old, I know I need to start letting her do more and take on more responsibility when it comes to cooking and baking.

We have several cookbooks that I keep meaning to get out for her to pick a recipe from, but the weeks goes by and I forget.

Yikes! I vow to do better. It’s such good bonding time and I need to take advantage of her interest before it wanes.

Halloween is a great time to start hanging out in the kitchen with your kids. I found MANY yummy treats to make, but there didn’t seem to be many that the kids could realistically try to do on their own.  So I dug around and came up with this list. I can’t wait to see what Miss E can do. (And yes, some of these will require a little bit of assistance from me.) I bet even her brother will want to help.

Halloween treats kids can make

Here are 15 Halloween treats even your kids can make (with a little supervision)!

  1. Witch Brooms
  2. Mummy Cupcakes
  3. Spiderweb Sugar Cookies
  4. Oreo Eyeball Cookies
  5. Mummy Treats
  6. Halloween Monster Mouths
  7. Oreo Spiders
  8. Halloween Sugar Wafers
  9. White Chocolate Covered Ghosts
  10. Mini Donut Spiders
  11. Candy Corn Marshmallow People
  12. Witch Hat Treats
  13. Witch Hat Surprise Cookies
  14. Frozen Boo Nana Pops
  15. Monster Pretzels
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