What to pack for a trip to Universal Orlando Resort

We are ONE WEEK out from our family trip to Universal Studios Florida. We’re spending four days at the Family Forward Retreat and I am STOKED to spend some quality time with the family.

I’ve been thinking about and planning for this for awhile. I’ve read lots of blog posts and advice on theme parks, plus I’ve got our trips to Disney and Carowinds to remind me of certain things. But let’s face it…packing can be stressful. Throw in packing for the entire family (well, not my husband) and I can feel the anxiety rising in my chest.

That’s why I make lists. Lots of lots of lists.

The first list is all about the essentials: underwear, toothbrushes, face wash, etc. It’s about what needs to go into the suitcase from each family member and I check them off as I go. But for a bigger trip like this there are lots of extras that we need to have on hand.

So for a week at Universal, here’s what I’ve got planned:

Packing list for Universal

Packing list

Bathing Suits – Hello hotel pool and Volcano Bay!
Sunscreen – Face sticks work nicely for both the face, chest and tops of the arms!
Sling Backpack – I bought this one. It’s big enough for a small wallet, our tickets, phones, and a water bottle.
Comfortable shoes for Universal and Flip Flops for Volcano Bay
Ponchos (Forecast calls for some rain every single day!) – I got these off Amazon.
Camera/iPhone – Because clearly I’ll be taking lots and lots of photos.
Charging Cords – VERY important!
Portable Charger – Maybe even more important! When you go all day, you’re sure to need to rejuice your phone.
Noise Machine – Most hotels don’t have fans that run all night and with four people in a room? The noise machine is a MUST!
Snacks – for the hotel room, for the park, for late at night when we get hungry!
Plastic bags – I use these for dirty clothes and bathing suits that aren’t quite dry when it’s time to head home
First Aid Kit – Band-aids, neosporin and anti-itch cream are the major must-haves, and I’ll throw in some Advil for good measure.
Hand sanitizer – Because sometimes you aren’t near a bathroom
Sunglasses – For all four of us. It’s bright out there.
Water bottles – No glass!
Extra outfits – We’re going to be there four full days, but I plan to pack at least six full outfits as you never know when you’re going to spill a drink on yourself or find ice cream dribbles down a shirt right before dinner.

And the good news is, if I forget something? I can always Uber it over to a Target!


Photos provided by Melinda Johnson of Melinda Jae Photography. This post contains affiliate links that occasionally allows me to buy a cup of coffee.

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