Humans are the problem, but we’re also the solution

It’s been this way since the beginning.

The fighting. The violence. The holier than thou attitudes.

It happened in Mesopotamia. It happened with Napolean, Julius Caeser and with Alexander the Great.

The quest for power, control and to be better than everyone else, thinking that we ARE better than everyone else. Wanting something and feeling as if we have the right to take it.

It seems for every step forward we take, we eventually take a step backwards as well. Is there no escape from it? Why is that the only way for some people to win means the other side has to lose?

I am not a violent person. I don’t really understand those who are. But I have felt rage. I understand anger. I know that people FEEL very deeply. But where does it ever make sense to feel SO deeply for a cause that you bring baseball bats, guns and pool sticks to a rally where you are trying to stand up for what you believe?

I’m totally at a loss. I admit it. My words are probably wrong but I have so much pent up inside me that I’ve got to unleash them on the page.

A little over a year ago I wrote a post expressing my frustration and nothing’s changed.

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We are at war…with each other. And I’m scared to death. For my children, for all children – those sweet innocent babies who hold no blame in what we ,as a society, have created.

I don’t understand the hate. How do so many hate so many others without ever having a real conversation with them? How do you hate entire groups of people?

It’s suffocating to even try to comprehend any of this. So I stopped trying. There’s no way for me to understand it because it doesn’t make ANY. SENSE.

So what’s next? What can we do?

Everyone wants to place blame on someone else, but the problem is humanity. It’s ugly, flawed and imperfect. It’s damaged and broken.

But humanity is also the solution. Every day children are born with a clean slate, their lives fully in front of them, unblemished. We’ve got to do better, be better, for them. I’m talking to parents. I’m talking to teachers.  It starts with us, but doesn’t end with us.

We have to get the ball rolling. We start the conversation. We make sure our children know what is acceptable and what’s not. Racism and bigotry are in the air we breathe every day. Sometimes we can smell it. It seeps into our nostrils, burning, making us oh so aware of it. Other times, it’s concealed, undercover, but it’s not gone. It’s polluting our air without us even being aware of it.

But that’s our job. To be more aware.

I want to teach my children to speak up and speak out. I want them to know what a microaggression is. I want them to know that their WORDS MATTER.

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I want so many things. Now I need to work to ensure they come to fruition. I need to have the hard, uncomfortable conversations.

I want my children to be loving and kind. I want them to see every single color of our world’s beautiful rainbow and appreciate it. I want them to be tolerant and accepting of all. I want them to stand up for others.

I have work to do. I’m not perfect. I’ve made mistakes.

I own them and I want to do better.

Do you?

Rainbow and light







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