One super easy way to give back to your school

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I can’t deny it any longer. I have a first and a third grader.

Meet the Teacher is Friday. School starts Monday. We’ve spent the last few days making sure we have all the correct school supplies, packing up book bags and making a list of our favorite lunch snacks. We’ve reviewed our morning routine: no screens, brush hair/teeth, feed cat, pack up back pack etc.
School supplies

At Meet the Teacher, it won’t be just the kids scouting out classrooms and meeting new faces. Mom has to do the same. You see, I took on a role within the PTA this year. I’ll be handling the Box Tops Passive Fundraising.

What are Box Tops?

Box Tops for Education™ is a leading program that supports America’s K-8 schools, helping them earn money for essential supplies. Each Box Top earns the school ten cents. Individual participating schools can earn up to $20,000 annually from the clip program alone.

How do I participate?

Buy. – There are literally hundreds of products that partner with Box Tops – everthing from General Mills cereal to Boise Polaris MultiPurpose Paper.

Clip. - When you use up whatever it is you purchased, make sure to clip out the Box Top. They are typically on the top of the box (hence the name) but sometimes they are on the label (for cans) or even on the back. And believe me, these things add up quickly!

Box Tops

Send. – Store them in a Ziploc bag (don’t forget to clip the Box Top off the box!) and send them in when your school coordinator requests them. They’ll do the rest!

Most schools (including ours) have incentives for bringing them in…like a class pizza party or extra recess time for the grade or class who brings in the most.

Yes, the items are brand names. Yes, they might be a smidge more expensive.

But there are SO many options that you can buy what your family normally buys and still participate. I guarantee if you look in your pantry right now, you’ll find some Box Tops. For us, our regular purchases of Honey Nut Cheerios, Old El Paso Refried Beans and Taco Shells, Yoplait Go-Gurt, and Boise Copy Paper keep us clipping Box Tops throughout the year.

TIP: Have family and neighbors save Box Tops too!

Wondering why Boise Paper? Their high quality paper offers vivid colors, bolder blacks and fast inkjet drying with ColorLok® Technology, as well as 99.99% jam-free performance. Boise POLARIS is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), guaranteeing that, from forest to retail shelves, the paper product comes from responsibly managed sources. Plus, they are an exclusive partner with Box Tops, so it’s a pretty easy sell.


Box Tops - an easy way to give back to your school

Still need school supplies?
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This post is sponsored by Boise Paper. All opinions are my own. Box Tops for Education and associated words and designs are trademarks of General Mills, used under license. © 2016 General Mills.

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  1. says

    I still need to buy Big a laptop for 8th grade… and just I found out our 2-year-old ti83 is dead and BOTH boys need to-83s or 84s for 6th and 8th grades. Holy $$$$$. Just wait.

    (Now, the fact that 8tj grade needs both the $100 calculator AND a laptop is super frustrating.)

  2. says

    Cereal, granola bars, and sometimes whomp biscuits have them. I’ve found them on some Kleenex boxes, and Land’o’Lakes butter boxes too!

  3. Jess says

    We clip Box Tops from lots of snacks. I admit that I don’t purchase products simply for the Box Tops (I am also a big store brand purchaser) but I do look for the Box Tops before I throw anything away!

  4. Kari says

    We get box tops from Cereal and Tissues mostly. Our school offers rewards to the kids for bringing in box tops.

  5. Lisa Brown says

    Lots of cereals, food should taste good chips, nature valley clusters, bathroom tissue, facial tissue, paper towels.

  6. Jessica Mcfarlin says

    pretty much what we buy has it. From ziplock, annies, finish dishwashing, Pillsbury toaster, green giant, and old passo just to name the few.

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