How to Enjoy the Last Moments of Summer

I started out with every intention of writing a “Back to School” post. But then I sat down, and just couldn’t do it! All I could think about was how we’ve got just a little more time left. A couple more weeks to do the summer things before more rigid routines and schedules kick in. If your kids are on a traditional school calendar, and ESPECIALLY if you happen to be a teacher, these last moments of summer are precious! That also puts a lot of pressure on this time though! If you just sprinkle in some of the simple summertime pleasures, your last few moments of summer will be spectacular. SO here is my list of simple things you still have time for, BEFORE back to school.

snow cone - A Parenting Production

Indulge in a Cold Sweet Treat – Pick whatever poison you want, but there are few things more summery than a cold sweet treat. Personally, we’ve got a snow cone place around here that is AMAZING, and I promise you, these snow cones taste even better when it’s a million degrees outside. A lot of our local ice cream and snow cone shops close down once back to school season is over, so it makes sense to get a special trip in while you can. Summer doesn’t have to be about trips to the beach or the perfect summer grill menu. Sometimes the best joy can be found in something simple like a snow cone. Reminding yourself to find joy in the small, simple things is never a bad idea.

Go to the Pool – Maybe you’ve been to the pool every free day this summer. If you’re like me though, you have to actually make it a point to get there. Other things come up or the schedule just doesn’t work out right. But, take a few hours to do an all in pool day. Take snacks or pack a lunch, hang out, play with your kids (even if they’re older… ESPECIALLY if they’re older), and just relax at the pool. When school starts, even if your pool stays open, the likelihood of getting there once the schedule fills up is super low, so make one more intentional, and awesome trip there. Setting aside time where you’re not supposed to be doing something else will make this a relaxing time for you before things get rolling with back to school schedules and routines. Even better, the time with your kids will remind them how wonderful you are before you’re back to enforcing bedtimes, kicking them out of bed in the morning, and checking on homework.

pool-A Parenting Production

Finish ONE Project – Maybe it’s cleaning out a closet, organizing the pantry, or taking that pile of stuff in the garage to Goodwill (finally). Whatever it is, take the time to finish one of those projects hanging around on your list. You’ll feel great about getting something accomplished and chances are whatever it is will make your day to day life a little better when school starts.

Read Something – Read something (not your email;)) while you still kind of have the time to. In our family, all of the schedules are so much more flexible in the summer. That means that for at least 30 minutes one day, I should have no problem just sitting down (maybe even outside, or even better, at the pool!) and reading. It will help relax your mind and stop you from trying to plan out the entire back to school season. Our brains need that focus on something else that isn’t stressful and reading can be a wonderful escape.

Go On One Last Adventure – I use the word “adventure” a lot when I’m talking about most any kind of trip my family takes, because usually it is. With back to school looming just around the corner, it’s time to squeeze in one more so called “adventure”. In this case, adventure can mean almost anything. Take a day trip to a nearby lake, visit a local museum, go on a nature hike or trail walk. Do something that isn’t a part of the normal day to day and enjoy it! This is a great idea for ANY time of year, but the weather and freedom of summer tends to make it work even better. A little “mini adventure” is the perfect way to clear your mind, and get ready for whatever adventure lies ahead this school year.

summer kayak - a parenting production

Sometimes we forget how wonderful the basics can be. It seems like back to school season starts earlier and earlier each year and so many of us spend time trying to cross out everything on these huge summer bucket lists, or get stuck trying to plan the perfect summer vacation. Then back to school season hits and boom! Your summer is done. All of that planning and time pressure makes summer not so awesome. This list is just meant to help you realize, that summer is actually awesome and you can still really hang on to and enjoy these last moments of summer fun.

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