Summer Reading: what my kids are liking right now

We have trip to Universal Studios coming up in August, and that means HARRY POTTER WORLD. Mr. A has read books 1-4, so he’s totally pumped for the trip, but Miss E doesn’t know a thing about it. So we decided to read the first book out loud as a family and it’s been awesome. It’s been awhile since we did a family read aloud and I forgot how incredibly fulfilling it is. We’ve all enjoyed it…even those of us who already know and love the story.

But it hasn’t just been Harry Potter books that have been read.

There’s been lots of library trips for us this summer. Reading (while not always what they kids want to do) is the easiest thing for me to tell them to do while I need to make a work call or am going to be on the computer for a long time.

Here’s a list of the books they’ve consumed this summer:

Rising 3rd grader

Derek Jeter books – perfect for any baseball lover!

Timmy Failure – This series reminds me of Big Nate or Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Heroes in Training – This series introduces kids to Greek Mythology. I love hearing Mr. A talk about Zeuss and Poseidon.

Captain Underpants – We’re a bit late to the game on these silly books, but the movie prompted Mr. A to start reading them.

The Eldridge Conspiracy: Book 4 Sir Kaye The Boy Knight is the 4th in this series. We haven’t read the others but were sent an advanced copy and assured we didn’t need the background. I got no complaints from Mr. A and he read in a day.

Rising 1st grader:

Magic Tree House – We read these out loud to Mr. A in kindergarten, but Miss E has decided to read them to herself. You can’t go wrong with books that teach a little history too.

Fancy Nancy – We’ve been Fancy Nancy fans for many, many years but now she can actually read the Early Readers all by her lonesome. Next up, the Nancy Clancy chapter books.

Princess in Black n- These books are SO adorable. I love that the princess also fights bad guys!

Summer Reading - Elementary Age

What books are your children reading this summer?

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