25 Road Trip Activities to Keep Young Kids Busy

We all know traveling can be stressful, but road tripping with young children can make it even worse if you’re not prepared. As you’re looking to take a long trip with your kids this summer, consider a few activities (other than the much appreciated portable DVD player) to keep them busy.

I’ve rounded up 25 of the best road trip activities to help make the long car ride more enjoyable!

25 road trip ideas

  1. DIY Magnet Puzzle
  2. Travel Game Printables
  3. Travel Map for Kids
  4. License Plate Game
  5. I Spy Bag
  6. Magnetic Shapes Car Game
  7. Magnetic Travel Farm Game
  8. Homemade Colour Book
  9. Count and Sort Math Game
  10. Portable Lego Kit
  11. Paper Doll Kit
  12. I-Spy Book
  13. Pop-Up Book
  14. How to Find the Car When You Park Activity
  15. Travel Memory Game
  16. Paper Bag Puppets
  17. Road Trip Bingo
  18. Travel Scavenger Hunt
  19. Printable Mad Libs for Kids
  20. Intricate Coloring Page
  21. Road Trip Scavenger Hunt
  22. Cootie Catcher
  23. Dry Erase Activity Books
  24. Road Trip Busy Bags
  25. Travel Battleship
  26. Also worth a read, 10 Ways To Survive a Road Trip With Kids

Where are you headed this summer? What car activities do your kids love?

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