Burn Boot Camp Update: One Month In

Y’all, it’s happening. I’m turning into one of those crazy work-out people.

I’ve never been a huge exercise person. Yes, I do it because I want to stay healthy, but I’ve never been super regimented about it. I worked out in college…sometimes. I used to walk a lot at night. After kids, I joined the YMCA, but nothing (except maybe Zumba) made me want to scream “THIS IS AWESOME!”

Until now.

It’s been one month since I started at Burn Boot Camp. I spent $35 on a Groupon that gave me a one month trial membership. AND. I. AM. IN. LOVE.

Burn Bootcamp

Okay, I’ll be honest. It’s a love/hate relationship. Some of the workouts are HARD. I mean, panting, trying not to puke, hard. But I feel so good when it’s over. Every. Single. Time. I have never left thinking “Geez, I wish I’d stayed home.”

Except maybe this one. This one SUCKED.

White Board Workout from Burn Boot Camp
So you want to know if I’ve seen changes right? I absolutely have, even after just one month. When I started, I was hoping to lose an inch or so in my waist to ensure my bridesmaid dress fits a wee bit better. And while I didn’t lose anything there, I did lose an inch off my butt and a half inch off my arms. Woohoo! I gained an inch in my legs but it’s muscle, so I’m okay with that.

Here’s the other thing. Burpees used to seem impossible for me. While they are still hard, I can knock out at least 10 (at the beginning of the work-out) before having to step out instead of jumping. (The end of a work-out is a whole other story.) My endurance levels on every single exercise have improved AND I can see a teeny tiny bit of muscle definition that didn’t used to be there.

Did I just change my exercise routine?
No, I adjusted my diet too. December and January were full of too much cake and sweets. I’ve cut WAY back and am tracking my food via My Fitness Pal. I’m trying to be fairly regimented during the week so that on the weekend I can have a nice meal out and enjoy a glass of wine or dessert. It’s a smidge challenging since I might be the worst meal-planning person on the planet, but I’m making it work thus far. The key for me is more protein and less carbs.

So am I going to join Burn? You bet.  I can totally see how this becomes a lifestyle. I don’t plan on tracking my food forever, but I love how I feel after each work-out. It’s 45 minutes out of my day and totally worth it. I feel like I’m on my way to becoming a better me and THAT is a very good thing.

Have questions? Let me know.


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