An (Almost) Sugar Free Easter Basket

I promise, I’m really not the lamest mom ever. But I do have a sort of personal vendetta against sugar. To give you a little background, some bizarre autoimmune conditions run in my family, so when my body completely freaked out after my second child, I started seeing a naturopath who helped me quickly see how unhealthy our diet is in America. It opened my eyes to the incredible amount of sugar most of us – including our kids – eat every day.

So, lame or not, I am sort of the sugar police when it comes to my kids’ diet. I know they get WAY more than enough added sugar in every day foods that I try to limit their intake of treats even during holidays.

That’s why when it comes to Easter, ours is *almost* sugar free. And believe me, my kids do not even notice or mind, because you can STILL have fun without sugar. In fact, I think our Easter baskets ROCK. If you’re interested in limiting sugar this season, here’s some great ideas for a fun, spring Easter basket:


  • Books – Our Easter baskets always have a new book that features whatever they are into at the moment. This year, we’re all about Dr. Seuss and luckily, both Target and Kohl’s have recently had great deals on these classics.
  • Crafts – Spring is a great time to restock art supplies (you know you need to anyway). Ideas include “paint your own” kits such as stepping stones, bird houses or flower pots which all make for great spring fun. Target has some really cute stepping stones and unique crafts in their dollar section right now.
  • Outdoor Activities – Sidewalk chalk, bubbles, pinwheels, flower/veggie seeds, garden shovels/gloves or new sand toys are always a great choice. Or, one of my personal (cheap!) favorites, a spray bottle from Dollar Tree. Who knew $1 could be SO entertaining? My kids use it to water the flowers, clean their bikes and of course, torture each other relentlessly.
  • Summer Must-Haves – With summer on the way, your kids probably need new flip-flops/sandals, towels, swimsuits, hats and sunglasses. Including these in an Easter basket is a great way to make a gift out of something you have to buy anyway!
  • Healthy Snacks – Even without sugar, my kids love ANYTHING that comes in a package. Little bags of pretzels, nuts or dried fruit make for great filler and convenient snacks for on-the-go. Trader Joe’s has a great selection of these.
  • Jelly Beans – OK, OK, I can’t go completely sugar-free because an Easter basket is just NOT an Easter basket without jelly beans. So, they’ll get a few sprinkled in the basket just to prove I’m not really the worst mom ever.


Let’s be honest, my kids are FAR from deprived. They’ll get treats at school, dessert after Easter dinner and treats from extended family. And that’s OK because I know our Easter bunny won’t take it over the top.

What do you think? I’d love to hear any ideas you may have for sugar free Easter baskets!
Ideas for an almost sugar free Easter basket

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    Great post! I grew up with limited sugar as a kid, but now as an adult I realize how I should have eaten even less sugar than I did! I think these are great ideas for an Easter basket without overloading on sugar. I always loved decorating stepping stones as a kid so I would have lots of fun with that craft :)

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